Friday, September 19, 2008

Slightly (not even close to being) there...

Daily Stats:
Words: 2000
Caffeine: morning cup so far
Evil Calories: pizza at 11:00pm last night...bad idea, folks
Reality TV: Tabatha's Salon Takeover on Bravo

Is the universe not aware that I'm trying to write a book? Does it think I'm just surfing Clive Owen fansights when I'm at my computer? (okay...10% of the time, maybe.) I need the universe to throw me a bone. Just a teeny one.

My little guy is on the mend, inhaling honey nut Scooters at light speed (knock-off Cheerios...hey, I'm a frugal mommy, what can I say?) But now the family room had decided to become diseased. No matter what we did, we couldn't get the carpet to dry after in influx of water last weekend, and it began smelling like 800 different kinds of ass down there. To the point where even my son would walk down there, wrinkle his nose and say, "nasty". So, last night we were up until midnight ripping out the carpet. Did I mention that our house was built in the late 50's? You should see what was under it. Looks like something the Brady Bunch collectively spewed forth. We had hopes for nice wood flooring, but nay. So, today, we have to figure out what we're going to put down there in place of the carpet, which will surely result in a five hour trip to Home Depot. Five minutes in that store and I instantly want to take a nap. I really need to work on that "disgustingly rich" thing so I can just hire someone to do it for us.

Meanwhile, my poor little WIP just sits drumming it's fingers on my hard drive, checking its watch, looking through our Niagara Falls vacation pictures for the umpteenth time. Poor thing.


Big Plain V said...

You know what, though? The fact that you're so bothered by not being able to work on your writing is a good sign. Sometimes when life gets in the way of my writing, there's this secret tiny part of me that's relieved.

It's hard to be creative on demand.

Elizabeth said...

Funny, I prowl on Brangelina fansites.
I too wonder why I cannot find the 'time stand still' button so I can get some freakin' work done!
Hubby has left me for 10 days and I can't find enough time to work while he's not here. Not to mention yoga time. I've decided to cope with things not going my way I'd start eating two suppers. One of them always a plate of nachos.
This really helps!

Big Plain V said...

Nachos. A wonderful substitute for yoga.

Vivi Alden said...

I fully support the concept of two suppers. Especially if one includes nachos. Or those yummy 'tato skin thingys with bacon and offensive amounts of cheese. :>)

Eileen said...

ass carpet is never a good thing. best to be rid of it. So sorry about all the water damage

Tracey said...

Sorry about the floor, though it's probably a relief to get rid of the eau de soggy dog.

Two suppers?! Nachos?! Pizza?! Weight watchers sucks. So do you guys ... going back to my blog now to sulk (and munch on some fat free microwave popcorn, mmmm).