Things You Need To Know

I'm from Seattle, but live in Michigan with my husband, our two tenacious children and our ornery cat who likes to lick the tv and hiss at air.  I recently escaped the world of advertising with my soul still intact (just barely).  My real name is Vikki, but I go by Vivi (Vee-vee) because if you say Vikki Bickell too fast you risk swallowing your own tongue and I don't want to be responsible for a world wide epidemic of tongue mishaps.  I'm currently working on my first, second, third, fourth, fifth novel.  Yes, I'm annoyingly persistent.

I love to cook and I hug my espresso machine at least once a day. I hate getting brainfreeze and am hopelessly addicted to grapefruit flavored seltzer water. I can’t touch unfinished ceramic; it makes me curl into a little ball and scream.  I occasionally write happy endings because real life can suck the moose. I'm convinced Rachel Ray is the anti-christ and am sick of her tainting my box of Wheat Thins. I am passionate about very dry cappuccinos and I still think smoking looks cool. I kick ass at skee-ball. I get excited about crab wontons. I once fell asleep at a Weezer concert (nothing against them, I was really tired.) Sock monkeys make me laugh, real monkeys make me itch. I still eat Twinkies from time to time, but if asked, I’ll deny it emphatically.

Also, I love people (unless they're mean...mean people suck).  So feel free to drop me a note and say "hi", ask a question or yell at me for swearing (mom):