Sunday, March 29, 2009

Today's List

Daily Stats:
Words: some
Caffeine: morning cup + late afternoon cappuccino
Evil Calories: cookies. lots of 'em.
Reality TV: ANTM reruns on Oxygen

Things that are awesome:

- My son, who now can say, "hey, why are you all up in my grill?" thanks to the other awesome man in my life
- My glass of wine
- The fact that I ran 4 miles earlier while watching Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Which leads me to...
- My new Macbook, which can actually play movies without going into cardiac arrest
- My writing
- The new Jim Gaffigan special on Comedy Central tonight
- Asparagus

Things that are not awesome:

- The snow that is falling outside my kitchen window
- My hair, which is suffering the effects of the 4 mile run
- The fact that I'm going to be 36 in a couple of weeks
- Cat boxes
- My writing
- The fact that I'm going to be 36 in a couple of weeks
- Dry contact lenses
- Beets
- The fact that I'm going to be 36 in a couple of weeks


DebraLSchubert said...

Vivi, You're a big baby. And I don't mean that in a mean way. (Isn't using the word "mean" twice in one sentence with two different MEANings kind of fun?) I mean it because you're a big baby. You're ONLY going to be 36 in a couple of weeks. And that's a problem? Give me one, gigantic break! And may I be the first to wish you a positively lovely 36th! (Love, Debbie - your much older, I mean more mature, blogging buddy.);-)

BTW: I hate beets, too.

Vivi Alden said...

But, Debra, I SWEAR I was just 25 last week!! So, 36 sounds really SCARY! (ps. beets = bla! I followed a Brazilian Black Bean recipe and cooked 3 beets as a garnish, but they were so icky, and now I have 3 cooked beets in my fridge and I have no idea what to do with them. I had such high hopes for the beet, especially after reading Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins. But they were just ewww.)

DebraLSchubert said...

I've got the perfect solution for your beet problem: throw them away! Unless you have bunnies in your yard. They're vegetarians, so they'd probably eat those dastardly things. (Of course, I'm a vegetarian and I'd rather starve to death than eat beets!)

Here's a line I wrote in a song called, "Sweet Life" that may help with your aging dilemma: "You're younger now than you ever will be again." True story, and it's a good way to look at age (especially as the numbers expand...)

And, of course, there's always the usual: "You're as young as you feel" (which, depending on your perspective, can be a very bad thing) and "It's better than the alternative" (which is definitely true, at least I think it's true...)

Amy said...

I'll trade you. Your 36 for my 40. No? Aw c'mon.

I would pay good money to hear Z say that.

Pink Ink said...

My husband ALWAYS says, "It's better than the alternative".

I'm 37 if that makes you feel any better :-)

Tracey said...

How about 42? Nuff said.

BTW, your little guy cracks me up!

Sarah J Clark said...

You're a hot, brilliant mama who's not only charming, but witty and funny and endearing. And, again, HOT.

Shoot, girl, you just ran FOUR MILES.


Own your age darlin. Make it your biotch. ;)


Big Plain V said...

Yeah, I agree with 'biotch' thing.

I love being 38 because I'm pretty sure people are finally starting to perceive me as being mature. Do you want to be mature with me?

Vivi Alden said...

Amy - That's right! No matter how old I am, you're always older!!! I feel better now!

Pink - Yeah, but you're in a rock band. That automatically makes you 10 years younger regardless.

Tracey - See, now 42 doesn't sound scary at all. Isn't 40 the new 20?

Sarah - Okay, forget my whining. I'm totally going with your theory.

BPV - Is there beer? If there's beer, then yes, I'll be mature with you.