Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Reading, Writing and Kettle Corn

I believe the last time we spoke, I was whining like a brat about how I missed writing, how I never have time to write, how I never get a moment to myself. Bla, bla and bla. Well, somehow, somehow I am currently on chapter 8 of my WIP. For someone with "no time to write", I'm not doing too shabby. So, I'll shut up. (For now.)

I also asked for book recommendations, and got some gems. Thank you, Amy Ellis *. How much do I love Gods Behaving Badly? Seriously, it's like Good Omens meets Melrose Place. I'm supposed to be reading a far more respectable book for my book club this month, but not sure if it's going to happen. Especially since I ping-ponging between God's Behaving Badly and Prom Dates from Hell, the first Maggie Quinn: Girl vs Evil book by Rosemary Clement-Moore. If Maggie ever had her own show, Joss Whedon would direct it. Yes, that's how good it is.

And, lastly, I just realized that it's Tuesday, so here are my favorite things this week:

Angie's Kettle Corn. I found a parachute sized bag of this stuff at Costco. On Thursday. And now it's almost gone. I don't get it. It's just popcorn, salt and sugar, yet it tastes like it's made completely of joy. Kettle corn's not fattening, right? I mean, it's mostly air, really.

My son. He's pretty much my favorite thing every week, but this week especially, because whenever I'm in the middle of doing something and the girl child starts howling like a banshee, he immediately comes to my aide and makes weird noises that make her giggle.

The new white iPhone. I don't have one, but if someone were to buy me one, I would do a little dance. Like this....

*Also, Ms. Ellis, do you realize you haven't updated your blog in a YEAR!? You know when I take over the world, you will be my evil sidekick, right? You might want to start flexing your "addressing the minions" muscles. Just sayin'. By the way, all global disputes will be settled with dance-offs. Hope that's okay w/ you.


Maria said...

You have CHAPTERS! Me so jealous. I have bunches of words, and conflicting plot directions. Must get back to work. Re: book's I'm reading "Sean Griswold's Head" by Linsay Leavitt. YA, no paranormal, but good, light, funny.

Amy said...

As soon as you put an asterix next to my name, I thought "Oh shit! She's gonna bust me for never blogging!"

Yeah, yeah, I know! But never fear, I'm always ready to be your evil sidekick. Not only shall there be dance-offs, but we get to pick the songs.

By the way, can you make me a Boba Fett cake for my birthday? Kthxbye!