Thursday, January 5, 2012

Obligatory New Year's Post

First, Happy (belated) Holidays.  December was a full on bat shit crazy month for me.  Not only was I working on revisions, but I also had to, you know, be a mom and play Santa and bake cookies until my eyes crossed and attend school functions and family gatherings and vacuum up pine needles and keep She Who Refuses To Sleep Like A Normal Human from climbing in the dishwasher.  It was only slightly daunting, to say the least.  But I survived.  And only had to slip myself in the night deposit box at the local mental institution once.  Woohoo.

And second...Happy New Year.  It's 2012.

That looks weird, doesn't it?  2012?  Remember when it was 1989, and the thought of 2012 sounded so space age and futuristic?  Like we'd all have robot maids and we'd race around town in hovercrafts.

Wait, can you race a hovercraft?  Or does it just...hover?

Whatever, my point is, it's 2012 and, aside from the pending apocalypse the Mayans have been good enough to schedule for us in December, I'm feeling like it's going to be a pretty good year.  My goals are fairly simple:

Write.  Write.  Write.  Eat sushi.  Hug my kids.  Write.  See a movie.  Write.  Get a tattoo.  Write.  Write.  Watch Big Bang Theory.  Write.  Write.  Have dinner with friends.  Write.  Write.  Write.  Drink beer.  Write.  Write.

So, there you have it.  I feel confident I can achieve every single one of those goals.  And many can be done at the same time (except for seeing a movie and getting a tattoo.  Probably a bad idea.  Plus, the other movie goers might find the buzzing irritating).

I'm also hoping the year brings me lots of warm fuzzies.  You can never have too many warm fuzzies, in my opinion.


Amy said...

You left out one goal: Buy Bellagio penthouse.

Okay, it's not for sale & I only have $7 in my wallet, but it's still a goal.

Jewel Allen said...

I need somebody to teach me how to order sushi at the restaurant. :-) Here's to warm fuzzies for the new year...

Ray Veen said...

We have similar goals. I, also, intend to drink beer and get a tattoo. My but aren't we the classy pair?