Friday, February 27, 2015

You may remember me from such blogs as this one...


*opens arms*
*pulls everyone into group hug*

It's been ages. But let's not even talk about how long it's been since I've blogged. It'll only make me feel sad and old. And I'm sitting here typing this post wearing my contacts AND a pair of readers. I've met my daily quota of sad and old.

But, I will sum up the past few weeks months years:

I'm still writing.

My children are still awesome.

I'm still a total emotional, overly-sensitive basket case most of the time.

I've started meditating and became certified in Reiki level II in order to better manage said emotional, overly-sensitive basket caseyness.

After hours of research, meditation, Reiki (both self treatments and sessions with my awesome Reiki master), long walks and random conversation with the groundhog that lives under our deck, I am absolutely certain that we all have a unique light to shine on the world, and each of our unique lights matter, and when we shine them brightly, the universe truly does take notice.

No, I am not drunk and/or high.

I am continuously striving to practice the subtle art of not giving a fuck.

I started putting coconut oil in my coffee.

I still want blue streaks in my hair.

I still hate watermelon.

And that about sums things up. Oh, wait, I also decided that I want an otter as a pet.

And now you do too.


As far as writing, I am currently birthing twins. Fraternal twins, that is. One is a more upbeat, amusing, silly sort of a do-dad and the other more brooding, serious and introverted. Both with my unique brand of darkness, because, hey, no matter how much you meditate, balance your chakras, take in nature or glean wisdom from a groundhog, you just can't shake that pesky shadow self.

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Ray Veen said...

I don't recall ever perceiving you as an emotional, over-sensitive basket case, but if you truly hate watermelon...

Great post, Vikki. Glad you're back blogging with me. Your twins sound intriguing.