Saturday, December 1, 2007

Insert Long Sigh of Relief Here

Daily Stats
Words: several handfuls
Caffeine: morning cup + midmorning cappuccino + afternoon cappuccino (my stovetop espresso maker is dying a slow death. Let us pray...)
Evil Calories: Snickerdoodles
Reality TV: Project Runway reruns on Bravo

Ah, the absence of word count pressure. I loved doing Nanowrimo, but I'm basking in the aftermath of not having to worry about meeting that 1600 word per day quota. I can also focus back on submitting to writing contests. I've sent two short stories to the Writers Digest Short Story Competition (one of which is actually an excerpt from my Nano novel), and I have a deadline on the 20th for a Writers Journal contest. Can I say that I really, REALLY hate paying money to submit work to contests. I know both magazines are well respected, and I'm sure they do all they can to actually read everything that comes in (or, they read a random few and use the rest as kindling). It's a bit like gambling I guess, but I'd much rather spend $12 at the Blazing 7's machine (not that I ever win at that either, know....the flashing lights and sound effects are fun).

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