Monday, July 21, 2008

Drive-by writing...

Daily Stats:
Words: not enough
Caffeine: morning cup + midmorning iced latte (okay, even Goldendale, WA has drive though espresso stands. Why the crap are there none in my town?? I live in a suburb of a huge city! I'm just as lazy and in dire need of caffeine!!)
Evil Calories: Banana bread, apple pie and peanut butter M&Ms. In that order.
Reality TV: (my parent's DVR is broken. My dad is on the phone with Dish Network as I type this. He's turning various shades of red. It's obviously not going well.)

Poor ThingypantsPt3.doc. ThingypantsPt3.doc is the newest chapter in my WIP (I never properly name what I'm writing as I'm writing it. If I come up with a fancy name, then I start getting delusions of grandeur. It's best to call it something like "smellyfeetPt6". Keeps me grounded). Anyway, I feel sorry for it because the only attention it's gotten in the last week is little drive-by hits. A disjointed paragraph here, a measly run-on sentence there. I had intentions of using this vacation to at least make it to the middle of the book, but at this rate I'll be finished when I'm 90 and by then I'll be too old to remember that I even wrote it.

Starting tomorrow, I am putting two hours aside every day to give ThingypantsPt3.doc the love it requires, lest my MCs pack up their shit and leave for good.

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Elizabeth said...

Hey I make up names for my WIPs too!
First I called it Boobs, then Hood Ornaments. Now The Unravelling.
I like to change it up.