Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'm dirty

Daily Stats:
Words: dirt
Caffeine: morning cup
Evil Calories: dust covered dirt
Reality TV: too much dust and dirt, can't see the TV

Yes, that's right. I'm dirty. Literally. Dusty, rolling farmland + unpaved roads + 200 mile an hour winds = DIRTY!!! Filthy. It was charming for the first few days here in Goldendale, WA, with the beautiful scenery and all the social engagements. But, it's been a week and a half, and I think I'm done. I can't wear my contacts because they instantly fuse to my eyeballs when I walk outside, there's absolutely no point in doing my hair and I have so much dirt up my nose that when I sneeze I leave a dust cloud. GIVE ME SEATTLE NOW!!! Give me wet. Give me rainy. Give me dreary and humid. Give me frizzy hair and a shiny t-zone. GIVE ME A REASON TO DRINK COFFEE! No more of this dry, tumbleweed, dusty, desert crap that just makes me want to hide inside and apply moisturizer every 3.2 seconds.

Luckily, we're heading to the Emerald City tomorrow! My homey, home-home!! I'm already getting all misty...(and here I thought my tear ducts were all dry and shriveled from the wind...)


Dirk T Knudsen said...

It is nice there but this is Farm Season and it is Dusty! That and the Mt Adams Fire made it even worse.

How did you find the people?? I find it to be a step badk in time and they are most friendly as well. Maybe one of the last communitites of its kind.

Take care and have a safe trip!


Elizabeth said...

I love coming home after a trip.
I didn't wash my hair for 5 days while I was gone. And I'm usually an indoor princess too.

Hey I emailed you, perhaps it's in your junk folder?