Sunday, July 24, 2011

Meeting My Imaginary Friends

Yesterday I got to do something so very cool.  Not ONLY did the hubs take the offspring to play with their cousins so I could get a break from having to tend to stink-o diapers and Richter scale baby meltdowns, but I also got to attend the Carrie Harris's book launch party for Bad Taste in Boys.  The day had many different levels of awesome.  

Awesome level one was that my good friend/fellow mom/writer/blogger Maria came with me.  She got to be part of a "Bickell Family Outing" which, of course, included running late, following the GPS to the wrong location and some creative colorful language.  Yay for her!  

Second level of awesome was visiting Nicola's Books for the first time and falling in love with every nook and cranny of this independently owned book store - a RARE find these days.  I kinda wanted to just move in and live there forever and ever.  Wonder if they'd mind.

Third level of awesome was, of course, meeting Carrie in person.  We've been blogging friends for a couple years now, and I found out a few months ago that we lived only 40 minutes from each other (shut the front door!).  So, I was so excited to be able to attend the book launch and meet her in person.  It's such an bizarre thing to meet someone you've only know online.  Even though they seem completely legit, there's always that small chance that they're just a figment of your imagination (or that they're really some hairy dude with a creepy doll collection).  I'm happy to report Carrie was neither imaginary or hairy!  She was awesome.  Warm, welcoming, composed, articulate and...well, friggen' hilarious (but that's no surprise).  She talked about the book, read an excerpt, answered questions, signed our books and fed us binge-worthy cookies (hello, muffin top!).  Most of all, I was really inspired by what she said - she talked a lot about her journey to publication and if I took one thing away, it was that it CAN happen.  You just have to do what you love, be true to yourself, and throw a little faith into the universe.  Also, it helps to have a dress with zombie unicorns on it.  Don't ask me why.  

Next level of awesome was meeting another one of my imaginary friend - fellow writer/blogger Ray Veen.  I've always had such admiration for Ray - for his talent, devotion to the craft, the fact that he's a super cool dad and that he loves a cold Guinness and isn't afraid to wear a puffy shirt and a kilt.  Meeting he and his lovely wife, Cindy, was as awesome as it gets*.  We had a chance to talk and catch each other up on the latest with our writing.  All I can say it that my admiration for Ray and his motivation and devotion to his writing multiplied by a bazzilion.  I fully believe that the stars have good things in store for him.  I know someday soon I'll be attending his book launch party.  I might even wear a kilt. 

All in all, it was a multi-level awesome day.  Ummm....aside from our adventure after the launch party when we tried to get coffee.  I won't go into it.  I'll just say that poor Maria had to bear witness to my total OCD coffee snobbery.  Sorry, Maria.  But on the upside, it wasn't so bad that I felt the need to pelt Sugar in the Raw packets at anyone.  (Oh, wait....that's because THEY DIDN'T HAVE ANY!)

*ehem* are some pics of the awesomeness:
Carrie reading from her debut novel Bad Taste in Boys

Carrie and I (and the god awful flash on my phone.  We both were seeing bright spots for about 10 minutes after.)

*total side bar - but Ray and Cindy look WAY too young to have teenage children.  Srlsy.  Not fair.


Jewel Allen said...

How fun, Vivi!! That is so exciting. Congratulations to Carrie. Y'all look fabulous.

Maria said...

So much fun! Thanks for bringing me along, I love adventures in getting lost. And bizzare customer service experiences.

Ray Veen said...

Can you really throw suger packets at baristas? Because I've wanted to do that, oh, about a million times.

So yeah, awesome day yesterday. Did you know Carrie's suggested a sort of a Michigan, writer/blogger meet-up? That wouldn't interest you at all, would it?

Vivi said...

Ray - I LOVE the idea of a writer/blogger meet-up!!!! Count me in! :)

Nisa said...

One of the best parts of writing is the blogging community. To actually meet them would definitely be epic! What a cool experience!