Monday, March 12, 2012

This is me talking in more than 140 characters

Okay, peeps, so here's what's been going down in the world of ViviVanGo (this would be my roller derby name, btw.  See my last post for more details).  First and foremost, I am now a Twitter-er.  Yes, I drank the Kool-aid.  See, Twitter confused/paralyzed me before because there was SO much talking all the time, I just wanted to run and hide with my binky (bottle of wine) and my woobie (box of cookies).  But, my sister turned me on to a little thing called Tweet Deck, and now my paralyzing anxiety is kept in check with wondrous things called LISTS!  See, I don't have to listen to everyone Twittering away at once.  I'm saved!

And just as a side bar, I'm totally following (stalking) one of the exec producers for The Walking Dead (fangirl, fangirl, fangirl) and I asked him a question and he finally tweeted an answer back.  Yes, it only took three weeks and about four thousand questions, but still.  I feel special now.  Which, umm, is kinda sad.

Next item of business in ViviVanGo-land is that my darling little sweet pea of a daughter is INSANE.  She is into EVERYTHING.  She has no fear.  None.  And she's smart.  I'm pretty sure as I type this, she's plotting to take over the world.  Resistance will be futile.  Which leads me to...

In less than 45 days, I will be in Las Vegas with my sister, a vacation that I have effing EARNED, dammit.  Do you realize I did not sleep at all in 2010???  Not once.  I should contact Guinness.  Or, just have a Guinness. (Wait...2010?  I meant 2011.  See how sleep deprived I am?  I don't even know what effing year it is.)

And lastly, on the writing front.  Whoa, it's been a crazy few weeks.  Like, bananas.  B-A-N-A-N-A-S.  I can't really say much at this point.  I have no idea what will happen.  Maybe something.  Maybe nothing. If something happens, you'll hear about it.  And if nothing happens, you'll hear about it.  Vague enough for you?  When will then be now?  Soon!  Also, there is no spoon.

What's going on in your world?  (and feel free to leave your roller derby name.)


Maria said...

Relly Russia is the first name I ever made up for myself at age 5, but I just realized thanks to your post, that it was destined to be my roller derby name. I might modify the spelling to Rushya.

As to what's going on: Taxes. That is all.

Matthew MacNish said...


My roller derby name would be Princess Laser. If, you know ... I was a girl.