Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I'm cooler than you (probably)

Just in case any of you were unaware of my level of coolness...THIS is how cool I am:

Yep.  That's right.  Norman Reedus, aka Daryl Dixon, aka Murphy MacManus, aka guy made completely of awesome, is following me on Twitter. 

Are you following me on Twitter?  You really should be.  Norman would tell you that.  

Why is he following me?  Please refer to the title of this post for that answer. 

Now, I'm not a super duper over the top devoted fangirl.  I'm just a fangirl who likes what I like, sometimes more in some moments than in others.  I get excited about things/people, but I also get distracted easily by shiny objects, so my attention and commitment tend to wane.  I've never joined a fan club or stood in line for hours to meet someone at a comic con.  I like what I like A LOT, but I like it from afar.  Mostly from my couch with a bowl of ice cream.  

So, given my level of laziness when it comes to LUFFing something, the fact that Norman is following me on Twitter is pretty much the coolest thing ever. 

Now, some of you may be saying, "So, it doesn't mean you're BFFs all of a sudden" and to that, I say, YES IT DOES AND YOU SHUTTY!

So, to recap, I'm cooler than you, Norman's my new BFF and I eat ice cream on my couch. 

1 comment:

Andrea Teagan said...

Must follow Vivi... must follow Vivi.. :)

Checkin out your blog - it is awesome!

I wish you all the best with the publishing of the books and finding that perfect cup of cappuccino.