Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Thank You, Son of Moto

Daily Stats
Words: never mind
Caffeine: morning cup + midmorning cappuccino
Evil Calories: Bobka
Reality TV: Project Runway, American Idol (shut up, the auditions are hilarious)

So sorry I've been away! I've been so busy. Or lazy. Yes, lazy.

First, a tiny bit of semi-exciting news...I received yet another request for a partial from an agent. I was completely shocked, because this particular agent reps really genre specific stuff. I queried her on a total whim, never expecting to hear back. So, anyhoo, I'm not getting my hopes up. I figure either she accidentally drank her face toner that day or was just really bored.

In other news, I've been dividing my time between finishing my Nanowrimo novel and starting work on a side project (I say "side project" because it makes me sound artsy and obscure). I've always had this project in the back of my mind and realized that if I didn't get going on it now, I might never get to it. It's basically a book very loosely based on my experience being pregnant. (oh, yes, I have offspring! Don't be frightened, they're lovely and not at all snarky...yet). But it won't be the usual "oh, I've been dreaming of this since I was 10 years old, warm, bubbly, fuzzy" pregnancy stories. It's a completely different look....very catty, of course, but very realistic.

Oh, and the blog got a makeover. It needed it, I think. Not sure what the fanbase thinks of it. Mr. Wolferman is ignoring me and kitty peed on bathroom rug this morning. Not sure what that means. Feel free to leave your opinion...all comments welcome (that's a lie...only nice comments welcome)

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I just stumbled upon this blog from the Nanowrimo forums. I read the first sentences of your nano novel from a thread, and found it really interesting. The excerpts also intrigued me.

I've enjoyed reading everything of yours. Unforunately I'm not an agent, :P, just a 19 year-old uni student from Australia.

I look forward to reading more of your stuff. Good luck with everything!