Friday, May 15, 2009

Makeovers and makeunders

Daily Stats:
Words: 4. Or maybe 700. It's hard to count when you're editing because you're using a lot words you already wrote. (note to self: thank self later for writing so many usable words.)
Caffeine: morning cup
Evil Calories: Demonic chocolate chip cookies. They are made entirely of evil.
Reality TV: Fashion Show

So, as you can probably see, I'm playing around with some different looks for my bloggy blog. Not sure about this banner yet. It didn't quite come out like we hoped. I look like an advertisement for a British adaptation of an E.M. Forster novel. Oh, well. I've been using Gimp, which is the knock off version of Photoshop, and although I realize that it's free, I'd still like to find the geek squad who created it and give them gigantic wedgies. I can dig minor quirks, but when I'm yelling, "OHMYGOD, YOU SUCK DONKEY BALLS!" at 7:00 in the morning, clearly some serious tweaks need to be made. Especially when 7:00 in the morning is prime writing time. Curse you, nerds with greasy t-zones. If you'd stop playing World of Warcraft for three seconds, perhaps us dead broke, pseudo-creative wannabes wouldn't suffer so.

Speaking of writing...

By show of hands, who here writes in their head as they're trying to fall asleep? It's unfortunate that they haven't invented some kind of telepathic wi-fi brain-to-hard drive downloading system. They really need to get on that. (Of course, it would also record the completely asinine things I often think about while falling asleep, like what Jabba the Hut looked like as an infant, or why the hell the Shamwow guy is wearing an earpiece. I think it's supposed to be his microphone, but I'm convinced he's really getting directives from zombie aliens who want to eat our brains.)

I've been in a nasty stand off with Chapter 1 lately, though I've been at a loss to figure out why. But last night as I was dozing off, my subconscious elbowed me in the eyeball and spelled it out. Two words: Information dumping. Aha! I sprung out of bed (7-8 hours later, mind you) and opened Chapter 1 again. DUH!! Chapter 1 should be in traction from the amount of crap its trying to relay. So, I've taken a hatchet to it, and we're getting along much better now. Thank you, subconscious elbow to the eyeball!

Care to share any writing epiphanies you've had while slipping off to dreamland?

(Oh, btw, if you have a moment, go visit my writery friend Debra at Write on Target. Today is her 100th post, and she's giving away some fab prizes to mark the occasion.)


Big Plain V said...

I forget the things I'm thinking about when I'm drifting off to sleep. They say you should keep a notebook next to your bed for that exact reason, but that wouldn't work for me. I'd be rummaging for it and spill a couple of half-empty beers in my bed, or bury my hand in a moldy, half-eaten sandwich.

I really like your banner. No changey.

DebraLSchubert said...

Vivi, Thanks for the shout-out! And, although I hate to admit it, I agree with Ray. I LOVE the banner. It's tres cool. Isn't it fun changing it up? I love it. As artists, we're forever moving and changing. As far as writing when falling asleep, um, yeah, like all the time! Sometimes I remember word for word my ideas (I do this with songs as well) and sometimes I completely forget and want to kick myself in the ass (which, trust me, isn't easy to do, not that I've tried or anything...).

Btw: Loved your line: "Aha! I sprung out of bed (7-8 hours later, mind you)..." Too darn funny. As for Chap 1: good for you for reeling the hatchet. You show that little bastard who's boss!

Tracey said...

Have to agree with V & D, I like your banner. It's a nice picture of you, your eyes look really pretty (and I'm not even trying to flirt with you!)

I write in my head and bed time and when I'm running. Stupidly irritating habit. And pathetic that it's when I do my most creative work...

Vivi Alden said...

BPV - Ewww...nothing like sticking your hand in a moldy, half-eaten sandwich to chase away creativity. If I tried to leave a journal on the floor next to my bed, my evil feline monster would eat it. (and thanks for the thumbs up on the banner!)

Debra - Oh how I love changing things up - whether it be my blog, my writing, my hair (I think it's been pretty much every color under the sun, cut into every style possible). Change is fun! Forgetting good ideas, not fun! And that happens to me ALL the time. I'm like you, I always think I'll remember everything word for word, and sometimes I do, but many times I don't and, yes, kicking oneself in the ass is very challenging. I just don't bend that way!

Tracey - Awww, thanks for that nice comment about my eyes. I always think they look enormous and kinda creepy. And I always write in my head when I'm running! I didn't know you were a runner, too! Woohoo!!

Carrie Harris said...

I tried keeping a notebook by my bed for times like this, because I always have these fabulous ideas while drifting off but can never remember them later. Unfortunately, when I try to write them down, they are never as amazing as I thought in the first place, and in fact most of them make no sense whatsoever.

Although it's still better than the moldy sandwich. ICK!