Saturday, May 30, 2009

Revision quest

Daily Stats:
Words: some old, some new, some borrowed, some blue
Caffeine: morning cup + midday cappuccino
Evil Calories: pretzels with peanut butter and little hunks of dark chocolate
Reality TV: ANTM reruns on Oxygen

Today I visited my old stomping ground, the cafe at Barnes & Noble. It's been months since I parked my keyster in the cozy little corner and tippity-tapped an entire day away. Funny thing about revisions, though. When I'm working on the first draft of something, I just go, go, go and go. Revisions are a different story. I can only go, go, go and go for little sprints before I want to tear my head off and throw it at someone (preferably the girl yammering at top volume on her cell phone about, like, how, like, so annoying Evan is, like, he totally, like, bugs, and, like, did you see what he was wearing? It was, like, so bananas. BTW, I thought "bananas" was good, but Evan apparently was not dressed well. So, "bananas" is bad now?) Anyway, revisions for me are a lot of stop-start-stop-start-go back-stop-start-go back-go back-go back-go back-start-stop-scream-stop-scream some more-start-stop. The whole process makes my brain go squish, which is why it's good that Barnes & Noble has cheesecake.

I don't actually eat it, mind you. I just watch while gaggles of rail thin tweens cram their cake holes. I hope they know that some day they will no longer have the metabolisms of rabid weasels on crack.

And on a more introspective note, it occurred to me today that I might, might be dragging my heels just a teeny, weeny bit on revisions because revisions lead to a completed manuscript, which leads to queries, which leads to rejections, which leads to me hiding in my closet freebasing Funyuns and Hostess products. But, I'll delve deeper into that psychological phenomenon when I'm having a better hair day. I'm already in a fight with my bangs. I have no room on my plate for further self doubt.


abrokenlaptop said...

Oh, revisions! *curls in a little ball and moans*

I was dragging my feet so badly on this last set of revisions that my friend actually made me a bet. If I could finish the thing in two weeks, he'd have to write a song saying how fantastic I am, and perform it in a cafe. If I didn't finish, I had to make sock puppets of our entire writer's group.

I'm expecting to hear my song at our next writer's group. But I wouldn't have done it without a fire lit under me!

Big Plain V said...

There you go, Vivi. Finish your revisions or we'll all be forced to dust off our pom-poms and start shaking 'em around.

(Mercedes -- sock puppets rock. Please make the sock puppets.)

Vivi Alden said...

Mercedes - OMG, I LOVE the song idea! That's my kind of fire. Please tell me he's performing it in a cafe with LOTS and LOTS of people.

BPV - C'mon, admit it. You love shaking your pom-poms around. It makes you feel pretty.

Pink Ink said...

I love B&N cheesecake. I will not be able to just WATCH teens eat it, though afterwards I will be wishing for their metabolism.

The reason why I stay away from the B&N cafe...

Go go go, Vivi!