Sunday, August 10, 2008

Brain idle

Daily Stats:
Words: there will be words...oh, yes...there will be words
Caffeine: morning cup & midday cappuccino (foamy goodness)
Evil Calories: orange current scones
Reality TV: Project Runway reruns

I have become brain dead. My creativity has taken sloth form. I have mental flab. In the last month, I have not written one substantial thing. A few paragraphs here, a few run on sentences there. Nothing to show. Nothing to ponder. Nothing to feel good about. Just my "Poo Lives" folder on my computer desktop, which currently holds all my "in progress" writing. "Hello, lame ass!" it says when I open my computer. "Remember us? We're disjointed and full of holes. FINISH US!"

Yes, yes...pipe down. I hear you, "Poo Lives". Just be patient. One cannot just simply dive into ocean without taking a few belly flops into the pool first. Must first get the creative cesspool swirling.

Stay tuned, dear reader. For I may need your help.

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Amy Ellis said...

One cool trick I learned while reading The Artist's Way years ago was that in order to be creative, you must fill the well. Meaning, do all sorts of things that interest you because you can't create something once your brain runs dry. And it doesn't matter what those interests or tasks are, as long as they make your brain happy. A happy, well-fed brain is a creative brain!

Currently I am feeding my brain with bacon, onion rings, and a really wonderful book. Whatever works!