Friday, August 15, 2008

Did I really say that?

Daily Stats:
Words: some, some and then some
Caffeine: morning cup, midmorning iced latte and late afternoon iced latte (it was an allergy meds day...need I say more?)
Evil Calories: 10 pounds of homemade mac 'n cheese
Reality TV: Project Runway reruns

First, I want to thank everyone who played along with my last post and left a prompt for me! I know I said I would pick one, but they were all so good, I think I'll do all of them. So, stay tuned for my take on your idea.

And, then, by far the coolest thing I did this super cool and uber-talented fellow writer Elizabeth did a little Q & A with me for her fab blog Inside My Oyster. You can read it here. Or you can just sit there on your duff and eat Oreos. Whichever.

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Elizabeth said...

**Standing and clapping with big grin**