Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dead inside

Daily Stats:
Words: computerless
Caffeine: morning cup
Evil Calories: therapeutic chocolate chip cookies to cope with computerlessness
Reality TV: ANTM reruns

At approximately 4:15 pm yesterday afternoon, my PowerBook G4 had a massive brain pause and died right in my lap. Right before it left this world, it let out a strange sound reminiscent of baby pigs being run over, and then, poof. The screen froze and when I tried to reboot, I got nothing. Just a grey screen. I'd prepared myself for that moment. I backed everything up on an external hard drive, backed it up again on our old demonic beast of a desktop upstairs. But still, when it happened, I couldn't help but feel a sense of shock and loss. I've had that computer for over five years. It helped me write my first book. Granted, that was a tumultuous time in our relationship. It liked to crash a lot back then, and once it didn't auto-save and I lost a whole chapter. That was the closest I ever came to beating it with sticks and chucking it through a window.

Actually, there were several times I wanted to get medieval on it. I believe there are several posts within this blog where I vow to run it over several times with my car then put it in a blender.

Wait a second...I'm glad that piece of shit is dead!!!! So long, sucka! You've been replaced by this sexy beast:

Except, I'm forced to take a short sabbatical until it arrives, which sucks rocks because I'm so close to being done with After Charlie. But I don't trust demonic beast of a desktop upstairs. I'm convinced it feasts on the souls of small children.


Carrie Harris said...

That IS a sexy beast. What will you name it?

If the answer is "Sexy Beast," I'm going to feel really dumb.

Pink Ink said...

Yours is a very rare instance when you actually saved things before your computer crashed. Very smart. Good for you and have fun with your new toy!

*5 years* Is that the shelf life now of laptops??

Bryan B. said...

I write on a G4 powerbook, too. I let the wife use the good, new Macbook.

DebraLSchubert said...

Moving on is a good thing. I got a new laptop in November and wrote my entire new book on it. It's an HP something I got at Staples and it totally rocks. You're going to be one happy camper the day your sexy beast arrives! (Does your husband know?)

Vivi Alden said...

Carrie - Yes, it shall be called Sexy Beast, and it shall make me spew perfection. (It will also give me longer legs and good hair for eternity!)

Jewel - Yes, it had been making that horrid sound for about two weeks, so we were prepared. But I know, 5 years doesn't seem long enough! I suppose if I replaced the hard drive it would still be okay, but why do that when you can have something sparkly and new? ;>)

Bryan - You're a very smart man

Deb - Yes, hubby knows. Wife w/out computer = VERY, VERY, VERY bad days, so he was totally on board!

Amy Ellis said...

Mazel tov.

You could just name it Clive.

Tracey said...

Only 5 years?! Geesh. I hope Sexy Beast treats you better.

Sarah J Clark said...

I'm sorry and congratulations? ;)

That Macbook looks WAY sexy!

Eileen said...

LOVE the new beast. I went to Mac a few years ago and would NEVER go back. PC? Pfft.

Big Plain V said...

Computers. Can't write with 'em, can't write without 'em.

I'm writing on this cheap $300 dollar thing I got at Walmart. It's not much of a computer but it runs Word, boots up and shuts off in under fifteen seconds, and is so tiny that it fits in my purse (a leather Bible cover with zippers and hooks and things). Abso-freaking-perfect for taking to work and writing on my breaks.

Course, tonight I'm surfing blogs...

Sarah J Clark said...

HEY! Check out the new followers widget in your sidebar. SWEET! It's rad!

Elizabeth said...

Hey, birth is always messy and ugly. Congratulations on your new baby!