Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm too sexy for my cat

Daily Stats:
Words: Shazam!
Caffeine: morning cup
Evil Calories: chocolate covered pretzel thingys
Reality TV: ANTM reruns

So, Sexy Beast arrived yesterday, and I'm one happy little bunny. Did I mention that it's sexy? It's so sexy, it almost makes me look sexy, and I have on fuzzy pink slippers and drawstring pants. And it does fun things like this:

Okay, I'm no Twiggy, but I bet Andy Warhol would still be impressed.

and this:

That's me with a mutant super hero from planet StinkyPants. If you don't hand over all of your Nilla Wafers, he'll rearrange your face.

Oh, yeah, it it works great for writing too. But, okay, as sexy as Sexy Beast is, it feels a little strange writing on a new computer. I was so used
to my old PowerBook, with the feel the of keys and the look of the screen, that Sexy Beast feels a little foreign to me. Plus, I don't have my Office: Mac software yet, so I'm writing on text edit, which is just bizarre. I have a little OCD when it comes to writing. It must be a word document, magnified to 115%, font Time New Roman (not Times...Times New Roman. If I try and write with Times, I start twitching), and the document must be pulled to the left of my screen so I can still see a little bit of my wallpaper (which is currently a picture of Princess Leia pointing a blaster). I also can't wear socks when I write because when I sit and ponder plot, dialogue, etc., I like to fiddle with my toes. I probably need some sort of medication, but for now I'll just self medicate with peanut butter M&M's.

Does anyone else have any odd OCD writing quirks or am I the only weirdo?


Elizabeth said...

Only one.
I require silence and secretly send mean mental messages to anyone who talks while I am being a genius. I mean I go to the library now to write, it is supposed to be QUIET. Does that count?

Elise Murphy said...

Too funny! We're in total Mac synchronicity right now. My new keyboard is freaking me out a little, but after a long day of writing (kind of) I'm starting to like it.




I must sit on the right side of the couch, phone at my left side, laptop desk, the green quilt on my lap, my smarter-than-me-writer's mug on the round table filled with drinkable temperature chai made with vanilla soy. Scrivener, Firefox, Pages, and Mail must all be running. I keep Firefox set to Sound turned off. Pandora Radio ready to go if the need should arise. Slippers. Socks if the dog hid them.

No kidding.

Big Plain V said...

I have none to speak of but I'm thinking of adopting all of yours. Princess Leia is hot, peanut M&M's rock, and I've never spent any quality time with my toes.

I'm sure they resent that.

Pink Ink said...

I listen to love songs/happy music as I write my romantic WIP, I face the bedroom window where I can look out and feel the warm sun.

DebraLSchubert said...

Vivi, Congrats on Sexy Beast! I'm so jealous - mine's a cute beast, but I couldn't in all honesty call him sexy. (Although, it's definitely a "he" I think...) OCD: I sit in bed with my laptop on my lap, dictionary under my mouse pad to prop it up and be at my beck and call, thesaurus, notes, and a pencil on my left, all internetly-importantish things running (e-mail, my blog, my philly songwriter examiner article, internet,, etc.) and totally, completely, 100% quiet. Being a musician, I can't listen to music and not be completely absorbed in it. If I listened to music, not one word would get written. Oh, and sometimes I play with my toes.;-)

Devon Ellington said...

I'm getting ready to switch from PC to a Sexy Beast Mac -- I can't wait. A computer that works properly and has a care program that's actually honored!!!!

OCD -- um, does it count that I just sit down and get it done?