Friday, February 22, 2008

Contests, Schmontests!

Daily Stats
Words: 1000
Kleenex: 436 (better than yesterday)
Caffeine: morning cup + midmorning cappuccino
Evil Calories: Apple pie (I am hellbent on perfecting pie crust from scratch...even if it kills me or makes me gain nine hundred pounds!)
Reality TV: DVR'd Millionaire Matchmaker

When I was eight years old I wrote a short story about a gigantic bunny that ate my sister. Though she was a bit concerned about my mental state, our school librarian encouraged me to enter my story in the school writing competition. To my surprise, I won third place and received a lovely plastic bronze medal that my mother still has hanging on the wall in the family room. Writing has been my thing ever since. (As is occasionally sending my sister pictures of enormous bunnies just to freak her out.)

However, I'm sad to say that that was the one and only writing contest I have ever won in my life. You'd think I'd take that as a sign. But, here I am, churning out yet another Writer's Digest "Your Story" piece to submit. I've entered about five thousand of those and have never won boo.

Hmm...maybe I should submit that gigantic bunny story. The advisory council at Gladys Wood Elementary (which consisted of the PE teacher, the librarian and the lady that sold popcorn in the lunch room on Fridays) obviously thought it was a winner.

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