Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Meez Me Baby One More Time

Daily Stats
Words: not enough
Caffeine: morning cup + midmorning cappuccino (I heart my espresso machine...we're having a shit-ton of snow here and there's no way I could have made it to Starbucks)
Evil Calories: Tiramisu loaded with copious amounts of dark rum (that was by accident, but it turned out really delish!)
Reality TV: American Idol (Must see hot Aussie again. I don't usually go for the painfully gorgeous but I can't help myself)

Ok, I promise not to complain about the snow (stupid, crappy, annoying crap!). I'm sick of hearing myself whine. Ok, that's not true, I embrace my incessant complaining, but truth be told, I have nothing more to say about the snow (crappy, stupid crap!) It's cold, it's crappy, and it's EVERYWHERE I look!


In other news, I meezed myself! (look at the sidebar) Don't try this at home. Actually...you should try this at home. It's way fun! I wish she did more...like danced or did kung fu or wrote for me while I sat and stuffed my face with cookies. But she's adorable anyway, and she actually kinda looks like me (though she's much leggier).

And finally, I had a strange dream last night that the agent that requested the partial emailed and wanted the full. I scrambled around in the dreamworld (which means I kept taking elevators up and down an office building to try and find all the pages) and dropped them off at a security desk. No one was there, so I just put a sticky note on it and left it on the desk. Then I got a call from the agent saying that she like my book, but the ending was wrong. Not bad...just wrong. Like I'd accidentally put the wrong ending in and she caught the mistake as if it were a typo. Very strange. And of course I woke up before I found out if she wanted to rep me.

So if I ever hear from that agent and she wants a full, I'm officially psychic.

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