Thursday, April 24, 2008

Land of Confusion

Daily Stats
Words: yes
Caffeine: morning cup + midmorning cappuccino + Sudafed ( I can see through time)
Evil Calories: bagel bites (one step down from hot pockets, people)
Reality TV: box of kleenex

I'm nasally challenged today. It's either a slowly creeping cold or full on allergies. Either way, I gave in and took Sudafed, which basically turned me into a sleepy crackhead. This also happens to be my day off, so I was supposed to get a massive amount of writing done. However, I was making myself crazy because I keep changing stuff. You know, I gotta up the ante. Push the envelope. Think outside the box, and all that other stupid crap the big dumb douches used to say when I worked in advertising. And my normal, non-congested brain can usually handle my rapid-fire changes, but my current psuedoephedrine-ridden brain was totally folding under pressure. It was just running around in circles going, "fire, fire, fire".

So then, in the midst of my brown out, I suddenly decided that my only option was to go way back to the beginning and just start over. This was a very bad idea. Usually by the time I go back to the beginning, I'm done with the end, and am so happy about where the story ended up that I can handle the enormous amounts of crap I must weed through at the beginning!

So I did what any normal person would do. I shut my computer and went to the mall. I worked through my psuedoephedrine haze at Nordstrom. I now have two pairs of wedge sandals and the entire Clinique skincare line. Now I'm less confused about my book because I'm all caught up in trying to figure out what the hell clarifying lotion is.

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Jana Lubina said...

The Clinique skin care line is quite good:)

And -- yeah. illness. Not so good. I was very sick recently and got jack all done. Laying on the couch and whining seemed more important at the time.