Tuesday, May 27, 2008

No, that's not blue nailpolish on my toenails...

Words: zilch
Caffeine: morning cup + mid-day latte (was enjoying it until Shelob the spider climbed up on the table with me. Husband freaked out, grabbed some bug killer and began spraying it like a madman. When all was said and done, my latte was spiked with hydrochloraphormabugbedead.)
Evil Calories: Milano cookies (bought them for sister's visit and forgot about them! More for me!)
Reality TV: Project Runway reruns

You'll notice that I still have not changed my location from "crappy snowville" to something more fitting for the end of May, like "blissful sunnytown" or "so-hot-my-buttcrack-is-sweating-ville". But I have my reasons. The biggest being that IT'S STILL FREAKIN' FREEZING OUTSIDE! What the crap is going on? It's 50 degrees. It was warmer in March! I have made a commitment to my flip-flops, and now I feel like a total scoundrel for wearing my closed toed shoes! I thought we were in the throes of global warming? Not global freeze-your-cans-off!

Grrr...highly irritated.

On another subject...I'm trying to decide if I should put down my current WIP and re-write my first book (since no one seems to have fallen ass over teakettle in love with it, as I'd originally hoped). I feel really guilty just letting it die, and I have a few ideas as to how to change it. But maybe I should just move on. Ugh...torn, torn, torn...


Jana Lubina said...

I don't know what 50 degrees translates into celsius - a word I clearly cannoy spell -- but it was a humid 30 degrees here a couple days ago, and now it's dropped back to 14.

I keep teetering between tank-tops and long-sleeved shirts.

I just want this madness to end already.

Elizabeth said...

Since you didn't ask my opinion
I'll give it to you. Keep moving forward. You can go back after your done the current WIP. Or is there another reason you want to stop the current one?

Elizabeth said...

Hey is Jana Lubina in my neck of the woods? We share the same weather patterns.

Jana Lubina said...

Elizabeth, do you live in Toronto?