Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Upside of Rejection

Daily Stats
Words: some
Caffeine: morning cup + midmorning cappuccino
Evil Calories: mini Chips A'Hoy (they're good cuz they're small)
Reality TV: American Idol (not that I care anymore. I swear David Cook could walk out and fart into the microphone at this point and he'd probably win)

I have myself convinced that there are benefits to rejection. I believe that rejection shows you whether or not you truly have passion for something. For instance, my husband loves to mountain bike. And of course, when we first started dating, I was all for trying it. I could be that jock girl with the stylish bike shorts (whenever they're invented) careening down a rocky hill with her hot man at her side. Until I found out that a key element of mountain biking is falling. Like...almost every time you do it. That was it for me. I'm just not okay with falling off a bike. But my husband is. He doesn't love it when it happens, but he's willing to deal with it to pursue his passion. And I guess the same goes for me and writing. Rejection sucks donkey balls, and there are times I wonder why I even set myself up for that kind of beating. But then I start writing again, the sucking donkey ball feeling fades and I get all warm and fuzzy inside. Kind of like that feeling you get when you walk out of a frigid, overly air-conditioned movie theater into a hot and humid summer evening. (Okay that sounded better in my head, but you get the gist...)

Anyway, currently I have no more partials waiting for responses. I am free (for now!) I do still have queries out that have never been responded to, but I not holding out hope. Although I suppose there is possibility an agent is really behind and might find my gem in their slush pile one day. And by then I'll be 80, grouchy and will have trouble remembering to put pants on.


Elizabeth said...

Rejections reminds me I'm alive.
Oh how profound of me.
They keep me from being the pretentious writer too soon.

Jana said...

You're submitting. You're learning. You're getting better. And hopefully stronger.

It's all good! Keep doing it.

etc. etc. etc. :)

Eileen said...

Rejections give you stories to tell Oprah someday. Plus they're like battle scars. Get a group of writers together and we all have to show them off "see this one here? Got that one when I got a "dear writer" form letter after a request for a full....."