Monday, May 5, 2008

Strange Relief

Daily Stats
Words: a few so far
Caffeine: morning cup
Evil Calories: had two beers with dinner last night. Feel like wobbly, bloated tick
Reality TV: Workout marathon on Bravo

Well, this morning I finally, finally, finally got a response from the agent that's had my partial since January. I won't go into detail, but I think it's fair to say that I won't be hitting the road for my book tour any time soon. Okay, I will go into a tiny bit of detail, because I actually find it fairly amusing. I received a form rejection for a non-fiction book proposal. Ummm...yeah...that's not what I sent you. I can only imagine there's some brainiac out there who sent a proposal for a non-fiction book about the desperate plight of the Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat who received a rejection saying, "thank you for your hilarious and poignant insights into the life of a thirty-something".

The funny thing is that I'm relieved. I'm not sure this particular "relationship" would have worked out. I usually like someone I work with to actually pay attention to what I do (just a little bit, at least.)


Elizabeth said...

Hi Dollface,
so I'm interested in your rejection. You sent out an unfinished manuscript? I'm the new kid on the block but I thought as a new writer I had to only send out a polished completed one. If I'm wrong then spank me and I'll be sending mine out too. (perhaps we shold chat on email?)
I'm with you on the the 'not just a mom erk! bit too.
The word counter is found here:
have a good one

Eileen said...

Argh. Publishing seems designed to kick your soul around. Hang in there.

And you want an agent who LOVES your work. And stays in touch. That would be a critical thing.