Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mother of Crap!

Daily Stats
Nanowrimo Novel Word Count: 42,153
Caffeine: morning cup + midmorning cappuccino + afternoon cappuccino (my stovetop espresso maker is dying a slow death. Let us pray...)
Evil Calories: Snickerdoodles
Reality TV: suspended due to Nanowrimo (DVR-ing reruns of Life of the Dlist)

Can't talk!! Have 8000 words to go to finish Nanowrimo!! Story is disjointed pile of doo, but will fix later over copious amounts of egg nog and peppermint bark. Wrists ache and fingers stiff. Hair looks like several different kinds of bad. May Posh Spice forgive me. Have no time for hairdryer or favorite Bumble & Bumble styling wax. Must just write! Write, write, write!

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