Monday, January 12, 2009

the big 10

Daily Stats:
Words: yep
Caffeine: yep
Evil Calories: yep
Reality TV: yep

So, it appears, after standing for months with 9 followers, my blog has finally hit the big 1-0. Oh yes, a whole 10 people who openly admit they like the cut of my jib (whatever that means). However, the 10th person is one of those shaded silhouette people so I can't see who it is. I'm convinced it's Clive Owen. Or my pseudo-cousin Brad Pitt. Or both. They hang out on the weekends and read my blog. They fight over me...which is weird because Brad is my pseudo-cousin and even in an alternate universe that would be frowned upon.

And in other news, you may have read on girlworks blog that the lovely and talented Amy Ellis and I are participating in a muffin top throwdown. I'm convinced that my muffin top will reign supreme, since I'm doing both morning and evening workouts (except for today because my time has been taken up by a hurling toddler. Please read that carefully. I'm not hurling my toddler, that would be very mean. My toddler is hurling. Like, everywhere. I feel so bad for him. But he's handling it well. When he's done, he says, "no problem, mommy, I done frowing up")

So, in closing, Clive Owen is following me, my muffin top rules, and I don't throw my children.


Tracey said...

Sorry about your little guy. Hope he's better soon!

Don't let Angelina find out that cousin Brad might be your shadow follower - I get the impression she could be nasty jealous.

I can't comment on your muffin top. It wouldn't be prudent to get caught in the middle of a sisterly muffin top throwdown.

Big Plain V said...

I'm confused about the muffin tops. Are you trying to grow the biggest muffin top or what?

How does one even grow a muffin top? Sunshine? Water? Fertilizer?

Elise Murphy said...

Muffin top growing? Well, twins of course! You're not growing twins, are you Vivi?

Sorry about the little frower upper. Good thing you're not hurling him because that would make a terrible mess.

Vivi Alden said...

Okay, I must clarify for the record, we are throwing down to see who can SHRINK their muffin top the most. SHRINK. Not grow. That would be very wrong on many levels.

Oh, and no twins either! (Lordy, Elise, I almost frowed up when I read that!)

Amy Ellis said...

Twins! Bwahahaaa! I can see the look on Vivi's face at that prospect.

Sissy, I'm sorry to report that your new follower is Ellie and not Clive. But feel free to continue to imagine it if it makes you happy.

Vivi Alden said...

Nice try, sissy, but that silhouette looks NOTHING like Ellie. I mean, look at the hair! That's Clive. Or David Hasselhoff. But probably definitely Clive.

Sarah J Clark said...

I love kids. Wow. They're the best. I hope yours gets better soon. It's no fun to frow up.

Elizabeth said...

OR... you could hurl the tops of muffins at Clive Owen!!! Ehh??? Am I right or am I right??

ok it's lame.

Bryan B. said...

Make that 11. And you lost me at Muffin Tops. Really.

Carrie Harris said...

Hey, what's wrong with twins? Other than the muffin top thing of course.

I must go giggle for a while now.

Elizabeth said...

OK I'm stomping my pretty pedicured feet now. My number has not gone up . Phooey.
you are not one of mine.