Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Daily Stats:
Words: uh
Caffeine: uhbwumuh
Evil Calories: umphhum
Reality TV: kjf;daiuhen;fadwsdd&&&&&&&&&&&

Has anyone seen my brain? Check the bottom of your shoe, you may have stepped in it the last time you were here. Anyone? No?

See, the reason I ask is because I sat down at my computer today to work on chapter 16 and...nothing. Again. Yes, again, as in going on the third day in a row I've sat down to work on it and ...nothing...crickets. This is how the words in my head sound:

I like write. Write is good and smart. I write pretty and shiny things. Oooh, a peanut. It's round. Sort of.

Usually the words in my head flow like buttery ribbons of joy. I'm reverting to zombie cave-woman. Help. Please, take a moment to look around for my brain. Check under your seat or in your pocket. It could be confused for belly button fuzz, so check there too. And if you find it, please return it. I really need it. I'm cute, but I'm not that cute. I need my brain.


Eileen said...

Try re-reading what you have. Sometimes when I'm stuck I need to back up and go in a slightly different direction, but I don't know it until I look over everything.

Big Plain V said...

I thought I passed your brain on the highway earlier. She was hitch-hiking and holding a sign that said, 'sunny climes or bust'.

I of course didn't pick her up because she's a fierce, intimidating looking brain.

Elise Murphy said...

Obviously, you need a goat. Very inspirational creatures. Gotta watch out for the Zombie-Goats, though - they will eat your brain.

Just like I told Elizabeth . . . no giving up. Just keep trying. It will come.

Amy Ellis said...

Why not pop a valium? Really, what hard could it do if you've already lost your brain?

Tracey said...

Maybe your brain hitched a ride to the inauguration with Sarah ...

Serena Woods said...

Wine & Doritos. let me know how that works.

...or a massage. I think of some crazy stuff when I'm getting a massage.

or sit in a public place. Like a subway station or a wal-mart or a really pretentious restaurant.

Elizabeth said...

Find bottle of carbonated pop, shake vigorously up and down up and down. Remove cap and quickly place thumb over opening. Open mouth and insert neck of bottle in, then release thumb. Instant brain awakener! You'll be writing again in no time!

Sarah J Clark said...


It DID hitch a ride with me to DC. We both shivered in the cold, wish for a tasty Starbucks treat.

Shipping it express mail. By the time you get this, it should have arrived.

I think it just needs a vacation to Florida or something. I'd talk to your husband about that if I were you.

Good luck! =)