Sunday, January 25, 2009

You know you're getting old when...

Daily Stats:
Words: don't ask
Caffeine: morning cappuccino
Evil Calories: strawberry shortcake for dessert last night
Reality TV: bad things on VH1're flipping through channels, stop on a movie with the girl who played Clare from the original 90210, note that she looks way better with long hair, then allow yourself to get totally sucked into the movie, and finally notice after calling your spouse in to show him the cool coloring technique and editing style that it's a Lifetime movie.

And then you continue to wade through all the Fancy Feast and Estroven commercials to watch the rest of it.


Tracey said...

Wow. Can't say that I've managed to do that yet. Back away from the TV Vivi. There's still time ...

Bryan B. said...

There is no greater sin that watching and enjoying a Lifetime movie.

Um...except blogging about it.

Wait did I say that out loud?


Carrie Harris said...

Um, I referred to Lifetime movies in my book, but I've never watched one. I think I'd implode. Did you implode?

Amy Ellis said...

What's even better is when you catch your husband watching one!

Hey, Will & Grace used to watch Lifetime movies all the time. There's a time and place for them! They're just like those ABC Movie of the Week things they used air back in the 70's! They usually always starred Lindsey Wagner or one of Charlie's Angels.

Big Plain V said...

Lifetime is like the chick flick network, right? I'm not so good at all this pop culture stuff.

Anyway, I'd say go ahead Vivi -- indulge. You have my permission to like things that aren't cool.

Sarah J Clark said...

Oh, you're not getting old. Not until you insist on watching MASH reruns.

You're not there yet.

Are you?

Elizabeth said...

Oh I know all about it.
I only watched the first few episodes of the new 90210 to see the old cast again. But the new cast drove me away, all that drama... I'm so done with it.
I say embrace the old!