Thursday, January 29, 2009

Geek love

Daily Stats:
Words: chip chop chip
Caffeine: morning cuppa
Evil Calories: these crazy cookie bar thingys that I made, they have chocolate chunks and currants, which seems weird but tastes like joy
Reality TV: ANTM reruns

I am a geek. It's something I don't even bother trying to hide. Yes, I could feign being normal, throw away my X-Files hat and vow to only wear my Han Solo t-shirt around the house, but I believe in living out loud, dammit. If it helps, I'm never the same kind of geek. I'm a fluctuating vat of gooberness, so I may be a little weird but I'll always keep you on your toes.

The following is my geek list, in no particular order:

Star Wars - this comes as a shock to you? Yes, Episode 1-3 sucked donkey nads, but that changes nothing

X-Files - my sister and I actually attended an X-Files Convention. I think Skinner was there, but we never actually saw him. (or was it The Lone Gunmen?)

Halo - I actually finished this game before my husband did, and my biggest moment of joy was when I advised the mail room guys at work how to finish the last level because none of them could figure it out.

Grand Theft Auto - Vice City was my absolute favorite. Yes, you can car jack people and run over prostitutes. So what?

Coffee - An espresso shot should pull for 18 seconds, to achieve this you must have a fine grind, humidity in the air effects the grind, so you must check it every half hour and if you get in front of me at Starbucks and order a triple vente nonfat decaf sugar-free orange-mint-pineapple-chocolate mocha latte, I will hunt you down and cram sugar packets down your throat

Firefly - I've already discussed this...let's not revisit the pain

Law & Order - The show officially jumped the shark when they killed off assistant DA Borgia and now the writing is downright horrid. The older episodes are better.

Mafia movies - I can recite Goodfellas from start to finish (but I only do it when no one else is around because that could be very annoying)

Elvis - and I don't mean the young, svelte Elvis. I mean the fat, farting, peanut butter and banana sandwich Vegas Elvis. If you don't understand this, you've never been to the right parts of Vegas, baby!

Okay, that's enough. I don't want to slip too far into the dork forest. But now it's your turn. What do you geek out about?


Elise Murphy said...

BSG (and the fact that I call is BSG means I am a geek).
Going on a hot date with my man to . . . play Canasta.
Food (I am the worst, most obnoxious food-snob)
I don't have cable (no T.V., nada). Um . . . oh yea, the goats. Goats=nerd.

Amy Ellis said...

It was the Lone Gunmen, and the Frohike guy kept swearing up a storm so everyone would think he was cool. Major loser.

I don't really need to list my geek habits since it so closely matches yours.

Okay, I will add Jeopardy to the list. And, like every other Jeopardy geek, I yell at Alex for being an uppity moron.

Pink Ink said...


-The Incredibles
-Isaac Asimov (though I haven't read him in ages, he was my first Sci Fi exposure)
-Japanese robot shows with bad English dubbing
-And lately, thanks to my kids, Harry Potter movies

Vivi Alden said...

Elise - You know, I am so ashamed of myself that I haven't gotten into BSG! It is so up my ally. I don't know what my problem is!

Ms. Ellis - Yes, Jeopardy! Me too!! I get so excited when I know the answers!

Pink - Yay, I'm so glad you stopped by! I love your blog! The Incredibles is my favorite pixar movie ever!!!! (Monsters Inc. is a close second.) And, ummm, I'm into HP as well, though I can't blame my darling son. I did it all on my own (geek alert! geek alert!)

Elizabeth said...

Reality TV makes me a geek.
Perfering to work on the computer than to go out (sometimes) = geek.
Wearing my housecoat all day long, even over my other clothes = geek.
Going to bed before 10pm every night of my life (but in my 20s I ignored this and went dancing every night).
I'm a geek. And I don't care. I have nice hair, so that balances it all out, see?

Carrie Harris said...

Let's see. In the last week, I wore my X-Files shirt and my Lord of the Rings shirt to the gym. And I couldn't figure out why people were looking at me funny.