Sunday, October 7, 2007

Holy crap on a crap cracker!!

Daily Stats
Words: none! speechless!
Caffeine: morning cup, midmorning cappuccino
Evil Calories: no time for bad food!
Reality TV: Rock of Love Marathon on VH1 (oh, shut up, you know you're watching it too!)

Ok, are you ready for this? Fan base, are you listening? (kitty? Mr. Wolferman?)

I got a request from an agent to see the first 30 pages of my book.

I about peed myself.

Now, I fully realize that it doesn't mean anything. Simply that my query letter was enough to peek her interest. It doesn't mean she's going to take me on as a client. But, here's the thing that's so cool. I love this agent. She has a blog that I read religiously, and I just find her so dang cool! So, I'm beyond flattered that she wants to see more of my work. If anything, I feel validated as a writer!

Ok, so it gets even more odd. I feel the only way to explain is by doing a timeline:

Dec '06 - read really good book by really good author and it made me want to write my own book.
Jan '07 - stumbled up this particular agents website, only to realize that she's the agent of the book I read in December that made me want to write my own. Bookmarked page for future use.
February '07 - Begin writing my book
March '07 - Continue writing my book, stumble upon this really cool blog that's written by an agent in the publishing world.
April '07 to August '07 - Continue writing book and reading aforementioned blog everyday because the agent has really great advice. Plus the blog cracks my shit up.
August - Finish book, and while putting it down to work on my submission stuff, I go back to the website I found back in January to look at their submission guidelines, and realize that the agent IS the agent who writes the blog!!!!!! I never made the connection!!!!!

Weird, huh? Anyhoo, I sent off my first 30 pages and we'll see what happens. I know this agent only takes on a few new clients a year, so chances may be slim. But, here's the thing. Now, she knows me as a writer. And if I can't find representation for this book, maybe I'll have better luck with her with my next book. Remember...gotta always look at the upside!!

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