Saturday, October 6, 2007

Hugging myself

Daily Stats
Words: 1000+
Caffeine: morning cup, midmorning cappuccino + early afternoon cappuccino (yes, I have a problem)
Evil Calories: French Fries at lunch
Reality TV: Top Chef reruns on Bravo

You know, just when I feel like throwing my computer in the trash and using my book as toilet paper, my brain comes through for me. I'm getting ready to query an agent who likes "anything that makes her laugh", so I had to rewrite my query letter and synopsis to reflect more of the amusing points of my book. And my brain was completely cooperative! I wrote a fantastic query, and an even better synopsis. I'm very happy, and am considering promoting my brain to manager, or giving it a bonus or at least a well made martini.

And to my fan base (yep, my three-legged cat and the people at Wolferman's), I'm getting ready to start my next book. I am beyond excited about it, as there's a really unique supernatural element to it. Oh, and as a side bar...anyone out there want to buy me a new Macbook? Kitty? Mr. Wolferman? Anybody? Don't all speak up at once!

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