Sunday, October 28, 2007

what fresh donut is this?

Daily Stats
Words: donut
Caffeine: donut
Evil Calories: nine thousand donuts
Reality TV: donut

Mother of God. I ate many donuts this morning. Many.

Cider mill = evil.

Donuts = good.

Nine thousand donuts = hallucinations and believing that Clive Owen loves me and will show up to take me to dinner. Am picking out ensemble by how closely it resembles donut. Am deluded. Need help.

Will write new book. Book will be about donuts. A donut meets a donut and falls in love, but then the donut moves away and the original donut takes a job as a donut to get over the donut, and then really falls in love with donut she works with. Original donut comes back and proposes, but donut turns him down to be with donut, the one she truly loves. Then they get married and have little donuts.

It will be called Donut.

(...send help now!)

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