Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Daily Stats:
Words: eh
Caffeine: morning cup + midday cappuccino
Evil Calories: none, prepping for Thanksgiving
Reality TV: suspended due to NaNoWriMo

Before I really got into this whole novel writing thing, I very rarely ever read the author's little forward at the beginning of the book, thanking everyone who'd helped make it all possible. But now, it's the first thing I read, mostly out of curiosity to see who their agent and editor are (little hint, by the way, if you are dying to know who reps a certain author, look there. If they don't thank their agent and editor, then there's something wrong). But I've also noticed the over-freakin'-whelming support that some writers have. I suppose it can be a little like winning an just thank everyone you ever met because you're so excited to be tasked with writing it in the first place. Or perhaps once you begin down that road to being published, a huge cheering section begins forming at the sidelines, blowing you kisses and tossing confetti in your hair.

But...what about the cheering section now?

See, my friends suck (and I can say this openly because NONE of my friends read my blog.) I sometimes actually have to remind them that I'm trying to be writer. So no cheering section there. My family? Well, my sister has an enormous set of pom-poms for me (Ewww! That sounded a lot better in my head) but my parents have a very "fly be the seat of your pants" approach to encouragement and support (which is probably why my sister steps up to the plate, as she's very familiar with this method and knows how annoying it is). My husband? A huge part of my cheering section, mostly because he takes it seriously and always makes sure I get time to run away and write for a few hours a day. So, at this moment, if I had to write that little page, it would be very short and sweet: Sister, hubby, you, my fellow writer/friend who actually reads my blog, and darling son (even though he flips out every time I try and open my laptop).

How's your cheering section looking right now?


Elise Murphy said...

Um, yeah, hear you on that one. My mom NEVER asks, my sister and sister-in-law don't care a whole lot, my BFF asks me to send her stuff and then never reads it and even told me once she's just not into YA. My brother is a great cheerer - he's writing academic books so he kind of gets it. If it wasn't for my OUTRAGEOUSLY supportive husband and my blogger buddies . . . hmmm. You've got me babe!

Tracey said...

First, I must say Amy must be so flattered. My sister has never proclaimed that I have an enormous set of pompoms!

My cheering section consists of various friends, though I'm never sure who is reading my blog (they never comment), so I have to watch what I say, my sister, my darling husband and my sisters and mother-in-law. Of course those who get it the most are my little group of online writerly people. You guys are the best.

Big Plain V said...

I've got a huge group of people that believe in me, and show constant interest in my writerly progress. Family, friends, co-workers, my wife -- especialy my wife. And she has awesome pom-poms.

No other real writers except for those of you online (whom I love and appreciate). So yeah, I'm all-around blessed.

Sarah J Clark said...

Flashing my own set of pom poms at you. ... NOT like THAT. Geez.

You're not TRYING to be a writer, you ARE. You're just not published yet. It'll happen. Dreams DO come true.

As for my cheering section, I actually have a pretty great one. The three most fab cheerleaders on my squad: Laura Manivong Elizabeth C. Bunce and Katie Speck. They're totally fab. And you are TOO!

Elizabeth said...

I hear you. I am exactly the same. Which is one big reason i started blogging, I wanted the support cuz I wasn't getting it from anyone but hubby and my Dad. No one else gives a so-and-so.

Amy Ellis said...

Tracey is making me L! O! L!

Yes, I understand the pain. But even if I didn't, your writing is way super awesome, so I'd still be cheering you on!

Big Plain V said...

If I had any pom-poms to speak of, I'd paint them black and gray to match your blog and wave them all around with supportive vigor.

From what I've seen of your writing, it is truly worthy. And no amount of creepy man cheerleading can besmirch that.

Vivi Alden said...

Elise - Yes, been there with sending stuff to the BFF and having her just blow it off. *sigh* Thank god for outrageously supportive hubbys, huh? AND blogger buddies!

Tracey - I will freely admit that Amy's pom-poms are WAY bigger than mine! :>) And, that's so cool, your cheering section sounds very filled out (regardless of the size of their pom-poms)

BPV - You ARE blessed, V. And I already knew your cheering section was a rowdy bunch with plenty of Guinness on hand :>)

Sarah - NICE pom-poms! And your squad sounds fabulous...fellow writery chicks make the best cheerleaders!

E - Yep, I started my blog hoping for the same exact thing. It took a little while to find people, but it finally happened and it's been the best thing ever. In fact, you were one of my first friends here! So, that mean you have enormous pom-poms, too!

Ms. Ellis - ehem...sorry about exploiting your pom-poms. But I am forever grateful that they wave for me (okay AGAIN, that sounded much better in my head). P.S. Mom is doing that weird nod/shaking head thing again. *eye twitches*

BPV - LOL! I will welcome your creepy man cheerleading any day :>)

Carrie Harris said...

Hey, BPV and I could team up and be like your own personal Will Ferrell and Cheri Oteri. I would actually do that, you know.

We need a cool Michigan writers group. You wanna join?

Jessica F said...

Not true! Brent and I are cheering for you! I don't understand the ways of the publishing world, but I think they're all on crack for not snatching you up yet. I'd read (purchase, even, and read!) anything you wrote!

Amy Ellis said...

Just give Mom her box o'wine, and she'll be good. (Although, admittedly, the nodding and "mm-hmm"ing increases with that.)

Vivi Alden said...

Carrie - I'll totally join that group! (As long as there's lots of group sponsored waffle dinners.)

Awww...Jessica, you guys are definitely in the cheering section! Plus, you give me yummy coffee, which is all kinds of awesome-ness in my book!

Sissy - OMG, dad unearthed all the old slides from Alaska. Hil-freakin-larious! Many that made me pee self. I may have to post a few.