Thursday, November 6, 2008

She's got (questionable) legs

Daily Stats:
Words: more
Caffeine: morning cup
Evil Calories: celebratory peanut butter cookies that husband made on election night
Reality TV: suspended due to NaNoWriMo

The awesomeness of the last day have put me a wee bit behind with NaNo, so I'll have to make this brief. But I wanted to post because I discovered something the other day that was quite alarming. I stopped by hubby's work and used his client computer, and noticed when I went to my blog that the monitor, one of these fancy schmancy flat screen jobies, distorted the picture of the legs in heels over there on the right. So, just clear things up for those who may have similar fancy schmancy flat screen jobies, those are fishnet stockings. That is not a picture showcasing prickly, unkempt, Aunt Patty & Aunt Selma legs. I assure you that I am always well groomed in my heels. Now I admit that sometimes, in the cold, dead middle of winter, when I'm wearing fleece socks up to my elbows, I may get a little "behind" in my "duties", but if asked I'll completely deny it (or give you some dramatic excuse about the chance of another sudden ice age.)

I truly have no clue how to segue into anything else after talking about my leg hair, so, I'm just going to go now.


Amy Ellis said...

L!O!L! I nearly spewed my tea. I didn't even notice they looked like hairy legs til you mentioned it. But yeah, they actually do!

Btw, you can't give up Celeb Rehab for NaNo. Am listening to Adam Corolla show (my office is lonely) and Dr. Drew says tonight's episode is a big one. Whatever that means.

Vivi Alden said...

Oh, don't worry...when I say it's "suspended due to NaNo", I mean "live" viewings are on hold. However, my best friend ever, Mr. DVR, has my back. And you really think I'd knowingly miss Dr. Drew? Have you met me??

Elizabeth said...

Darn it.
I thought that we were Sasquatch sister and that was a special part of what made us click so well.

PS I left a link for you in my comments. I hope it works.

Tracey said...

I'd kind of figured out that it was some sort of texture on the stockings. But honestly, the prickly Aunt Selma visual is much more amusing (and I could use a laugh right about now!)

Eileen said...

You could talk about those strange wayward chin hairs.