Sunday, December 28, 2008


Daily Stats:
Words: hot diggity
Caffeine: morning cup
Evil Calories: leftover desserts from Xmas...mother-in-law's cherry pie that gave me heartburn but it was worth it
Reality TV: Top Chef reruns on Bravo

Well, we survived our first "ain't buying shit" Christmas, and I have to say it went over pretty well. Even with charred index finger and a seven hour power outage on Christmas Eve, we still managed to show up for the festivities with massive amounts of homemade yummies. Everyone went a bit mute when we handed them over. I'm not sure if this is because a) they're petrified of my cooking or b) they weren't expecting so much stuff. I'm hoping it was the latter, however, there was lemon pudding cake incident about four years ago that would certainly validate a fear of getting within three feet of anything I had hand in making.

And though we got some lovely gifts in return, this, by far, is the winner:

Oh, yes. A de-fat-ass-inator. From us, to us. Could we afford it? No! Were we being irresponsible? Yes. Will we be poor but svelte with rock hard butt cheeks? Yes! (Okay, actually, no, I won't, only because I'm of good German stock and I don't believe rock hard butt cheeks are in our DNA.) I tumbled right into my sordid affair with the Crosswalk 480, and already my calves feel like fiery wads of goo. She's a cruel mistress.

Was Santa good to you this year?


Sarah J Clark said...

Say YES to rock hard buns! =)

Our trip to the Inauguration will be our Christmas gift to each other. We're looking forward to it.

Glad your Christmas was merry and filled with yummies!

Amy Ellis said...

Our torture machine is not yet assembled, but we plan to work on it today. I have visions of my German farmgirl body magically transforming into Kate Beckinsale a la Underworld...but we all know that's not going to happen.

Frankly, if I can get my jeans buttoned without incident, I'll be content.

Bryan B. said...

I am a firm believer in splurging - bank account and responsibility be damned.

Of course, that really hasn't worked out for me.

I still say go for it.

Or, in past tense - good show.

Elizabeth said...

I love the photo of your new clothes horse. Very handy for throwing worn items on, you know, the ones that aren't bad enough for the washer yet, but not clean enough to go back into the closet? Ya, that's what those thing are for, right?

Vivi Alden said...

Sarah - Wow, now that's an awesome Christmas present! You'll have to tell us all about it.

Sissy - That thing is still sitting in the garage? Hmmm...sounds like a good job for Dad while they're there for New Year's!

Bryan - Yeah, bank accounts be damned! Along with the gas bill and our winter taxes! (no, just kidding...sort of...:>)

E - a funny lady! I believe they also make good cat beds. Our feline monsters like to sleep on the belt. I'm waiting for the ideal moment to turn it on when they're both snoozing. (Yes, I'll have a video camera on hand to capture the hilarity.)

Big Plain V said...

Arright. What's the deal here? I left a fairly long comment about how it's almost as much fun reading your comments as it is reading your blog. And then I talked about our Christmas gift to each other which was an elliptical cross-trainer. And then it all disappeared.


Vivi Alden said...

Uh, oh...sounds like you and Blogger aren't getting along, V! What happened? Did you insult Blogger's mother again? You really need to stop doing that.

Awesome about the elliptical, though! I'm assuming in about 10 years, after I've completely destroyed my knees from running, I'll be eyeing one of those bad boys.

PS sorry you didn't get a robot for Xmas

Eileen said...

A treadmill is TOTALLY on my want list. Where I would put it in this small house is a mystery

Amy Ellis said...

No, Dad cannot assemble our treadmill because your husband has already given me a demo of what our darling father did to your garbage can.

You TOTALLY have to video the cats on your treadmill! It'd be funnier than that YouTube video that cracked up the boy. (By the way, you need to send me more videos of the boy.)