Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas casualty

Daily Stats:

Words: ouch
Caffeine: ouch ouch
Evil Calories: ouch
Reality TV: son-of-an-ouch

Crafty? Yes. Graceful and coordinated? Hell no. Speaking in fragments because I burned the crap out of my index finger. Was making oatmeal and cardamom pancakes. Last minute addition to the list. Confused flesh with lumpy batter and sizzled tip of finger. Swore. A lot. Now we have a problem. French baguettes are sitting on their second rise, will soon need to be manhandled. Will have to use elbows or toes, I guess (now aren't you glad you're not on my xmas list?) May start drinking heavily to dull pain. Have doused finger in above pictured ointment (god i hate that word), but 'tis not helping. 'Tis pissing me off. 'Twas almost $10. 'Twill write letter to company once flesh on finger is no longer crispy.


Big Plain V said...

I started typing a response but had to scrap it becuase I used a word that started with 'tw' but ended with... um... 'at'.

So yeah, I basically just typed it again, but it's somehow not so bad with those other words in the middle.

Amy Ellis said...

Poor sissy! That's no good!

If it's any consolation, we're canceling Christmas due to weather. Supposed to snow another 2-6" inches tonight and then on and off until Saturday. So yeah, woo hoo, fun times. We really will be eating PB & J!

Elizabeth said...

OUCH!!! My lip your finger... hey there's a joke in there somewhere... but it doesn't have the word the BPV was thinking in it.
So you don't like ointment??
Funny how some words are icky.
I don't think I have an icky word... oh ok, maybe pupice. That just wounds moist and stinky and put it back in your pants please.

However, I really like the word elixir. Dunno why.

Sarah J Clark said...

Oi! Tis no good! But you know what they say about burns, your flesh grows back prettier than before. Unless of course it's a third degree burn in which you've melted off every layer of derma. Then that could be a problem.

So count yourself lucky. You're gonna have one pretty finger!