Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Out with the bad, in the with the good

Daily Stats:
Words: Grease (it's the word, it's the word, it's the word)
Caffeine: morning cup
Evil Calories: peanut butter cookies
Reality TV: No time. New Year approaching.

was not great
it was not great
it was not horrid or evil or vile
nor morbid or dreadful or dripping with bile
it was simply not great
not stellar
not keen
better not be as mean

Okay, no more rhymes now, I mean it
(anybody want a peanut?)

No, seriously, I'm done. It's all my son's fault. He forces me to read The Cat in the Hat 4000 times a day. At times, I feel just like the fish in the pot. Do I like it? Oh, no I do not!


Anyway, I thought I'd share a few of my resolutions:

1. I will treadmill at least six days a week (notice how "treadmill" has ceased being a noun and has become a verb, as in "please don't put the cat on the belt, mommy is trying to treadmill")

2. I will avoid Law & Order marathons on TNT and will only allow myself to watch them if I'm doing something useful, like folding laundry (or if Jesse L. Martin is in the episode. C'mon, I'm not made of wood, people.)

3. I will not throw things at people for ordering triple vente decaf nonfat sugar free strawberry/kiwi/mint/cardamom mochas at Starbucks. I will accept that to acquire a taste for coffee is a sign of character, and a hell of a lot of people just don't have character.

4. I will, WILL, WILL, WILL finally learn to play something relevant on the guitar that is currently collecting dust in our spare room, because a) there's always time to become a rock star and b) it will get the boy interested in music

5. I will write. I will write and write and write and write, and I will love every minute of it. And when I don't love it, I will let myself hate it just for a minute, so I can love it again

6. I will learn to make paella, tempura udon, naan, a really good curry dish of some kind and creme brulee

7. I will stop wearing my drawstring fat pants in public (maybe...still on the fence about this one)

Care to share any of your resolutions?


Big Plain V said...

Hey, Heels-Lady. I didn't you were a rock star hopeful. Tell us more about the guitar (my favorite hobby outside of writing).

And yeah. With everybody posting their 2009 goals, I probly oughtta fabricate something or other.

Carrie Harris said...

I will resist the urge to make resolutions I know I'll end up breaking anyway. :)

At least I'm realistic.

Elizabeth said...

Draw string fat pants in public are bad?
Hanging head and walking away with lower lip sticking out.

Amy Ellis said...

You can't be me! I'm a Rock Star!
I'm rhyming on the top of a cop car!
I'm a rebel and my .44 pops far!

Sorry, it's still the cold meds. But you're right, it's never too late to be a rock star. Or to teach your son how to be rock star so he can take care of you in high style (just make sure he doesn't forget his crazy Aunt Amy)

And you'll be happy to know that you made me splurt my tea with that Princess Bride quote.

Sarah J Clark said...

Long live the rocker in us all!

I have a guitar collecting dust as well. I can play one scale. Only. Sad.

My resolution: less sugar, more vegetables. Wish me luck.

Happy New Year! xoxo!

Eileen said...

2008 is not going down as my fav year- but I have high hopes for 09.

Can I have your fat pants? I might need them....

Tracey said...

I prefer to think more in terms of goals (it seems less intimidating) ...

I will re-lose those 8 lbs I dropped pre Halloween candy influx to our household.

I will teach my daughter how to play the piano.

I will write more.

I will try to be more positive.

Tracey said...

p.s. Happy New Year!

Bryan B. said...

I'm trying to figure out how I missed the Princess Bride quote...

That is one of the most genius lines ever.