Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Brain clog

Daily Stats:
Words: trying
Caffeine: morning cup
Evil Calories: more carrot cake
Reality TV: Top Chef NY

I really need my brain to cooperate with me right now. I'm trying to finish my WIP by the middle of January, but at this rate, it will simply sit in my "poo lives" folder getting crusty edges and collecting dust. I don't quite understand what my problem is. I have my entire book mapped out, I know exactly what is supposed to happen, yet, when I sit down to write it out, it feels like I'm trying to tap dance in in quick sand. Why is it that sometimes the words just tumble out and fall exactly into place, but other times I have to practically reach up my nose to dig them out?

I think I need to get that book that my sister is always talking about. The one where you write like mad in a journal every morning to unlock your inner genius. Of course, with my luck, I'd unlock her just as the boy started a defcon-5 toddler "sick of being cooped up inside" shit-fit, and I'd end up sitting at the play area at the mall writing on my arm. That's just what I need. Anther reason for the other moms to give me funny looks.


Sarah J Clark said...

Oh endeared writer, I know how you feel. My best advice: just write.

If it makes you feel better, don't write IN your manuscript. Open another document and write your scenes there. That way you won't feel like whatever you write is permanent, you know? Later, go back, cut/paste what you like.

And remember there's always the backspace key.

Good luck. I'm waving my pom poms for you!

Big Plain V said...

Listen to the Sarah. Trust the Sarah. As with most writing obstacles, the solution is to plow through it. Tuck your head, grit your teeth, and plow the hell through it.

I'm also waving pom-poms, though I fear that man-pom-poms are not very inspiring.

Tracey said...

I'll wave my pom poms too! Though, like Ray, I fear mine aren't that inspiring ... though my sweet dh likes them and that's all that matter!

Amy Ellis said...

WALK AWAY! And then go back. You need to do something else to re-fill your creative reservoir. Even make up a story for the boy. Or use a different creative muscle that doesn't involve writing. I dunno, string popcorn for the cats to destroy...okay, maybe something else would be more helpful. But switching gears can help solidfy the quick sand.

Elizabeth said...

Ahhhh are we refering to the morning pages? Yes, I did this for years. It was great therapy for me. I'd say the English teacher I had that got me into it in grade 8 is the reason I started down this road of writing.
As for other moms giving dirty looks... I have not figured out how to get in with the other moms. I'm just not their kind of cool I guess.
The slow motion writing feeling you described is something I too get, but I force myself to write even if it sounds like crapola, and I find the next morning when I'm feeling better and I look back it wasn't so bad after all. Remember the great advice someone else recently said to me, ignore your inner critic.

Bryan B. said...

Man pom-poms. Ha.

That Ray Veen cracks me up.


I feel your pain. I finished my book in one month, which isn't unusual for me. But, when it came time to revise (something I kinda get a weird and perverted kick out of most times...) I




Can't move. I'm 80 pages in and every single one of them has been a struggle. I sit down at the Mac and think,"Hmm...I wonder what Carrie's blogging about today."

And then I find another excuse to not do it.

So, I second/third/whatever the notion - just write.

Man, that's so EASY to say.

Bryan B. said...

And not to be a total dork, but I believe it's Pom-pons.

I think.

Captain Goldensword - superhero of righteousness said...
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Big Plain V said...

Not to be a bigger dork than Bryan, but I went and actually looked it up.

"Also pompon. an ornamental tuft or ball of feathers, wool, or the like, used on hats, slippers, etc."

Pom poms are exactly what we're all picturing.

Sarah J Clark said...

Seriously? It's pom pon? I was a cheerleader. (Don't tell.) Shouldn't I know this. Pom pon? Seriously? OMG!