Saturday, March 8, 2008

Beating Self Over Head with Angry Badger

Daily Stats
Words: TOO MANY!
Caffeine: the usual
Evil Calories: entire box of Cheese-Its
Reality TV: Project Runway reruns

I am such a complete ass-hat!

I've been working a submission for the Writer's Digest My Story competition. They give you a plot, you write something mind-numbingly brilliant, etc. Well, apparently, somewhere in reading the guidelines I hallucinated, because I thought the word count requirement was 1500 or less.

Um...yeah, I just went to submit my story, and the word count requirement is not 1500. It's 750. 750!!!!!! My story is 1398 words. I'm no math whiz, but I believe I might be a little screwed here.


Girl Works said...

Don't beat yourself with rabid rodents! There will be another WD contest next month, and if you come across a contest with a 1500 word count, you'll already have something ready to submit!

Eileen said...

Ah- time to edit. You might be surprised how much you can cut. Of course every word will be painful....

Ramen w/ Cheese & Tuna said...

I've got you beat. The pristine, polished query I sent out to agents two weeks ago: started with a dangling partciple! ><

If only it was cute like the Dangling Participle you rescue and return home in King's Quest VI for Windows 3.1... (Reminiscence 1, Depression-over-spirit-crushing mistakes 0)