Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What Fresh Hell is This?

Daily Stats
Words: 1200
Caffeine: morning cup so far (switched from my regular brewer to my French Press. Ah...bliss)
Evil Calories: ice cream w/yummy overpriced dark chocolate sauce from Whole Foods (aka Whole Paychecks)
Reality TV: American Idol

So, thanks to my fellow writer, Ramen w/Cheese & Tuna, I found a nifty website called querytracker. I'm always looking for new and refreshing ways to obsess about my queries, so I decided to take a look.

Now, this review is based on the five short minutes I had before the repeat of the finale to Project Runway came on (I like to see Christian cry at the end. It makes him seem more human and less like a bitchy Malibu Barbie). Basically, you can keep track of your queries, how long they've been out, etc. You can also search for agents and see what their response time is. Interest piqued! So, I searched an agent that I queried but never heard back from. Now, the cool thing is that they have average response time AND comments that other writers have left about response time. The good news was that this agent's average response time was something like 120 days. I'm still within 120 days. Shoulders relaxing. However, when I looked at the writer comments at the bottom, several said "heard back within two weeks with a very personalized rejection, advice on how to improve and an invitation to re-query after revisions have been made." Shoulders tense, brow furrowed, stomach in knot, panic setting in as well as a distinct itchy feeling.

The good news, I now have something else to send me into a complete brown out other than checking my email every 3.2 seconds. Ain't life sweet?

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