Monday, March 24, 2008

tick tock, tick tock

Daily Stats
Words: must write 1400 (I'll explain...)
Caffeine: morning cup + midmorning cappuccino (bubbly, sudsy foam from Starbucks today, presented to me by a dude with a frightening mullet. Apparently Starbucks is recruiting at NASCAR events now)
Evil Calories: Totinos frozen pizza (hospital please)
Reality TV: None! Away with you, oh sucker of brain cells!

Well, I did it. I took the plunge. I am now a proud (pathetic) member of MySpace. I resisted for a while because it just seemed silly, especially since none of my friends are on there (except Jason, and his friends are Maxim magazine the giant Uniroyal tire). But, did you know you can make friends with celebrities on Myspace? I had no idea!! I am proud to say that I am Zach Braff's newest friend. Yes, yes. Me! And...well, probably about seven thousand other people, but whatever.

But anyway, I downloaded this time counter thingy for my profile which is keeping track of how many days I have left to finish this book. I'm giving myself until May 12th to finish the first draft. Now, every time I log onto my profile page and see it ticking away, it makes me want to puke, but, I'm determined to stick to it. So, I have 48 days to finish. I'm already about 25,000 words in and I'm going for 90,000 (sorry, gagged just there.) In order to make it, I need to write about 1400 words a day. That's really not a lot in the grand scheme of things. Okay, it's an ass load (and if you don't think it sounds like a lot, try it. You'll see what I mean.)

But I just need to do it.
I need to work through my internal clefts of insanity and get it written. Then I can put it down and not think about it for two months. I'll eat cake, buy shoes, get drunk, pet my cat. Then, I’ll go back and begin the rewrite where I’ll figure out if it’s really something sparkly and interesting, or if it’s just a big bag of wank (fingers crossed for sparkly and interesting; no idea how to sell big bag of wank).

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