Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Daily Stats
Words: 1500
Caffeine: the usual (morning cup + midmorning cappuccino) - the guy in front of me at Starbucks blessed me. No, I didn't sneeze. I simply walked in, he turned and looked at me and said "God bless." I was completely thrown. How the hell do you respond to that? So I just stared at him for a minute and then meekly thanked him. Reason #876 why I'm going straight to hell. I have no idea what to do when someone randomly blesses me. I am ill-equip spiritually for spontaneous blessings! What do I say? "You too"? "Right back atchya"? "Ditto"? And then I get defensive. Why are you blessing me? Do I look like I need blessing? If I need to be blessed, I'll ask for it!!!! (not really, I'm Lutheran)
Evil Calories: mini vanilla bean scones from Starbucks (I blame the holy roller mentioned above)
Reality TV: Project Runway finale (go Rami!)

So, I've come to terms with something, and I'm not afraid to say it out loud. I like to write stories with happy endings.

There. I said it.

See, the annoying brainiac, emo-listening, melancholy side of me tries to push me to write uber-literary stuff with deep meaning and emotionally draining endings. But as hard as I try, the hopeless romantic in me always elbows her way in and takes over. So, I'm letting her win. I will freely write stories with happy endings. And the annoying brainiac, emo-listening, melancholy side of me will just have to go pound sand.


Girl Works said...

Up with happy endings! Goooooooooo, happy endings!(that's meant to be "go", not "goo") I *heart* happy endings! As one who spent the bulk of her high school years focused on literary fiction and another four years in college reading literary fiction, I can tell you that happy endings rule! Vive les fins heureuses! Real life = hard. Happy endings = good.

And I am totally cracking up at someone blessing you in line at Starbucks. Shouldn't everyone have a Lutheran sensibility about this? I think the world would be a much calmer place if public prosthelytizing were replaced with hot dishes and jello.

Eileen said...

Life is short- why not have a happy ending? My day job is as a counselor for people going through catastrophic injury or illness. Reality can suck- I figure in fiction I should get the ending I want.