Thursday, March 20, 2008

Crumbs for the Troll

Daily Stats
Words: 1500
Caffeine: morning cup + mid-morning cappuccino (my travel mug suddenly started making weird noises. Seriously, it hisses and groans when I take a sip. Who do I call for that? Would Ghost Hunters give much attention to a possessed cup?)
Evil Calories: someone PLEASE come and take this yummy dark chocolate sauce before I eat it all!
Reality TV: reruns of something mind numbing

So, there are a few sites I visit daily, including Pubrants, Kristin Nelson's blog. Yesterday she posted what I found to be a harmless declaration that NLA no longer reads snail mail queries.
Now, I should note that if you look ANYWHERE - on their actual site,, publishers marketplace, etc, it clearly states they ONLY want e-queries. It's an environmentally friendly decision and it makes things easier on them. They're a business and can have whatever policies they want, right? Some of us left comments agreeing, applauding their decision, blablabla. Everything was all butterflies and ice cream. And then in walks this bitter, ranting troll.

Now, I won't go into it, if you want the play by play, just visit the blog. But the part that really killed me was that Trolly-McBitterpants was all bent because she felt Kristin was always complaining and whining about various aspects of her job. Well...did she miss the title of the blog? Pubrants? And, it's a blog. What other purpose does it serve but to enable lots of pissing and moaning? That's all I ever do here, really. I may have the occasional informative and moving quip, but overall it's just a bunch of self-indulgent yammering.

But here's the main thing, Trolly. You didn't get out of bed, walk out into the hall to find Kristin standing there ready to attack you with her insights. You sought them out. Clearly they make you mental. That's okay. Here's what you do. Take her blog out of your bookmarks, delete your history, and DON'T READ IT! It's simple. I hate water chestnuts. They taste like feet. Do I walk into Thai Garden, order a plate of them, and then start flipping out and chucking them at the waiter? It's bizarre behavior. Seek help. Find a hobby. Track down all those gun-toting crackheads you were blathering on about and leave the rest of us to glean what we want from her blog.


Jana Lubina said...

I shouldn't have fanned the flames either.!

The last few comments between us have been deleted though, which is probably a good thing.

Thanks for the link, btw, once my blog is up to order in terms of design, I suppose you won't mind me linking back.

Cursing in Heels said...

I know, I had to hold back from posting anything. Clearly they have issues!!!

Yes, please, feel free to link!