Monday, October 20, 2008

The artist formerly known as my son

Daily Stats:
Words: a few
Caffeine: morning cup so far
Evil Calories: Scary large bowl of badness at Mongolian BBQ yesterday
Reality TV: DVR'd Chef Jeff Project

My son is possibly the coolest child ever in the history of time. Even people who don't normally like children seem to recognize his awesomeness. I attribute his coolness to all the caffeine I drank when I was pregnant (which, I suppose, could also be responsible for his strong aversion to sleep, but never mind.)

So, the other day I was pulling all the various pictures from our digital camera, when I stumbled upon these:

They're quite exquisite, aren't they? Great angles. Impressive lighting. I love the one with his feet. I have no clue when the child got his hands on the camera. Which makes this one a little alarming:
Clearly I was in the room when this was happening. Though the bed frame is blocking it, I'm obviously sucked into my computer and missing all the action (and from the mound of laundry at the foot of the bed, my son's artistic expression wasn't the only thing I was ignoring).

I'm a good mom, I swear!!!


Amy Ellis said...

OMG, I did a snort-laugh at those! And yes, he's clearly the most awesome child ever.

So does this mean you were also pulling Vegas photos off your camera?? :)))))

Big Plain V said...

I recognize that expression you're wearing in the bottom picture. In fact, I know it well. Do I even need to tell you how?

Every great once in a while, I give my critters the camera and order them to go hog wild. There's usually a few really good ones. I should post some.

Elizabeth said...

What a sweet boy you have, and talented too! He thinks outside the box which is an important skill. I never doubted his awesomeness.
I see a future as a photo journalist for him.