Friday, October 3, 2008

Back to life...

Daily Stats:
Words: 500
Caffeine: not enough
Evil Calories: still recovering from the 900 chocolate croissants I inhaled last weekend
Reality TV: DVR'd Tabatha's Salon Takeover

Ah, reality. It's so overrated, isn't it? If someone had given me the choice (and the bank account), I probably would have stayed in Vegas for another week. Or ten. Sunshine, slot machines and 24 hour margaritas? Sign me up! But, alas, I had to return. The bank account was dwindling and my husband refused to UPS my son to me (whatever!).

Of course, I wasn't able to ease back into real life gently. Oh, no. I returned home just in time for the partial demolition of our family room. Turns out all that pesky water made its way in through a crack in our foundation (dry heave) and we may have to dig a huge hole outside to get to the outer wall (double dry heave). Then, we realized we had a little visitor that snuck in when the walls came down. At first I thought it was a rat (triple dry heave + shrieking) but to my relief it was just a chubby chipmunk. Of course, Pep, our three legged, wheezing feline monster was totally shitting himself and tried several times to use it as a hackey sack. I felt so bad, so we banned Pep from the family room and set up on of those live traps, so we could just catch it and set it free.

But things took a downturn today for our poor little rodent squatter. He ran into the bathroom this morning, so I set the little trap in there and closed the bathroom door, figuring he'd eventually catch the scent of the bait (peanut butter and sunflower seeds). But when I went and checked on him, the poor little dude had apparently tried to climb up the toilet, but lost his footing and...well...rodents can't swim (except for the rats of NIHM, of course.) I felt horrible!!! Geez, you try and do good and it just backfires terribly. And I had to fish him out with our shrimp tempura fryer basket thingy (quadruple dry heave + tears).

I think I need a vacation from my vacation. I just want to write, but pesky ol' life just keeps getting in the way!!!!! Go away, life!!!!!


Carrie Harris said...

Okay, we really are twins. You made a rats of NIMH reference.

And we also both live in Michigan, only my basement inhabitor is a mouse. His brother got stuck in one of my pop bottles, but the other one does not like the peanut butter I put in the traps and keeps leaving his doo-doo everywhere. How these facts contribute to our twinness I will never know, but I'm running with it anyway.

Elizabeth said...

I would feel badly too.
Sorry for the poor little rat.
I hate seeing dead furry things.
Also dead baby anything.
Perhaps this little episode will make it into a story of yours and it won't all be for nothing?

Håkan Tendell said...

A vacation from the vacation ...
Enough time and enough mood for writing is, what I guess, most of what we writers want. Being single I must be very lucky. Still I wish there was more of everything that I need. Time. Mood. Talent. And the happy result of all of that.

Anonymous said...

Dear, dear, dear ... we seem to be mirroring already, and Nano hasn't even started. We also had a little guest in the kitchen, after stupidly opening all doors on the one - 1 - sunny day so far this year. He didn't bother us much; I think he might have been on night shifts and slept through our daily lives, but tissues were being ripped to shreds and put in the corner by the kettle, so the live trap was set. I think he lost heart and moved out after that. I almost miss him, listening out for the pitter patter of really incredibly small and fast feet just as I enter the room. I named him Russell, after the little noises he made. It's kinda sad.

Looking forward to nanoing again, though! Hoarding Maltesers already!


Big Plain V said...

I sympathize with the whole 'returning-home-to-chaos' thing. That's gotta suck in myriad ways.

It's a good thing you stayed on a liquid diet in Vegas, otherwise your heaves may not have been so dry.

(Hey Carrie - I'm also a Michigander, and I fully intend to post about NIMH someday - can we be triplets?)

Vivi Alden said...

Carrie - holy cow, we really are twins! I read Rats of NIMH about eleventy billions times when I was younger. I think I even had a back-up copy in case my main one perished! And I could probably still recite the entire movie if I really tried. Yep, geek alert!

And, yes, Elizabeth, I'm quite sure the chronicles of the chubby chipmunk will seep into my mental inkwell. :>)

Welcome, Hakan! And LM! (LM is my NanoWrimo buddy...I'll be posting soon about that upcoming thrill ride!)

And, BVP, you can totally be our triplet. Though, what is your "rodent in the basement" status? This is obviously a key element to joining the family.