Saturday, October 11, 2008

i rite gooder

Daily Stats:
Words: 4
Caffeine: morning cup
Evil Calories: more brownies
Reality TV: ANTM reruns

Do you ever have one of those weeks where everything you write sounds like it's straight out of a Dick & Jane book? "She drove the car. The car went zoom-zoom. There were birds. The park bench was green. The bell went ding. The end."

I'm so annoyed with my brain right now, I'm seriously considering exchanging it in for a mound of cherry flavored Jello. It would basically produce the same results, and it would smell better.

Not sure what my malfunction is. I am completely and thoroughly uncreative. Perhaps it's the moon, or the changing of the seasons, or the 487 billion episodes of Max & Ruby my son insists we watch (it's a Nicktoons cartoon...they're bunnies, you see...Max is Ruby's little brother, he's always getting into mischief. if you've never seen it, consider it a blessing). See, we're in a transitional stage here. My son is beginning to resist nap-time. And when I say resist, I mean he has a shit-fit. He's very passionate in his aversion to sleep. I appreciate his persistence, however, the boy does not yet grasp the concept of "quiet time" - he in his room playing quietly with his toys & mommy downstairs playing quietly with her toys. It's an essential part of the daily mommy-child relationship (read: if mommy doesn't get two hours to herself, she's going to flip out and start smoking the drapes). So, when he aborts the napping process, he stays downstairs with me and my normal writing time is invaded by a bunny in overalls with a three-word vocabulary. I think my brain is regressing. Pretty soon I'll be eyeing Cabbage Patch Kids at Target instead of shoes.

...and NanoWrimo is coming up. Apparently I'll be writing a 50K word novel consisting of three word sentences. (Is there a forum on Nano for "brain dead"?)


Rags said...

Ohhh Vivi I know exactly how you feel!
Only, instead of a small child refusing to sleep, I have two jobs refusing to let me have time off!!
And Nano is soooo only just round the corner, and I am still at the 'very nearly almost but not quite finished' stage of the first draft of last years. And then I have to work out the plan for this years....

Work + Panic = Brain Mush


Amy Ellis said...

See, this is why mommies in the 60's and 70's took valium and drank martinis. I'm sure that must be the reason. Hang in. Mema will be there soon, and you can leave the house all by yourself...and go drink martinis!

Elizabeth said...

I have been in the same rut with the stupid writing too. Mine has lasted for about 2 weeks. I wonder if they make a poultice for it?

Also regarding the nap situation, I am a mean mom. If they resist naps, they still go into their crib for the required length of time. If they chose to cry instead of sleep, that is their choice. I find this resistance only lasts 1-2 days and then it is back to sleep. If I take them out because they doth protest. I find they will double their efforts in the future knowing that I caved.
But then I have always been the cry it out momma. Yup. I'm mean.

Serena Woods said...

This makes me think of that commercial with the two business people in an elevator and one hums the beginning of a phrase and the other finishes it with the actual words.

"Hey, it's Franklin. Come on out and play."

Yoli said...

It happens all the time. Just push through the Dick and Jane phase.

Big Plain V said...

The beauty of having kids is that they age and grow out of things (and straight into new things, of course). The beauty of writing is that it matures: the more you do it, the more naturally it flows.

So think how good life will be in say, six years from now.